Post your camping / gear lists!

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It seems to me to be pretty pathetic that a thread dedicated to lists of supplies for camping is so limited in size that one cannot actually post a two or three page list of text. Actually it is counter to the idea of having a forum on this subject.


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My New Gear Lists

I made up some lists on my Android phone in a Notepad app, and then transferred them over to MS Word to print out an laminate.
I keep them in a binder in the rig.
Some of the stuff such as the Eezi-Awn K9 tables, axe, National Luna Weekender 50 Twin fridge/freezer and other misc. items stay in the rig full time.

Camping List For Inside Of Rig

Food for fridge and freezer
Three Aluboxes
Eezi-Awn K9 tables
Renogy solar panel
Shower and gray bucket
Camping chairs
Lantern pole
Duffle bag
Camera backpack
Pett toilet
Campfire In A Can
Burn logs, firewood may go into Trasheroo
Drinking water
Glock pistols and small gun bag
First aid tacklebox
Black tube with ladder mat
Camping journal
Shower tent
Toiletries kit
Katanaboy, axe

Food For Fridge & Freezer

Fridge Section:
Root beer
Pom tea drinks
Soy milk quarts
Orange juice singles
Coffee beans & pre ground
Roma tomatoes
Cheese: sticks and shredded
Sour cream
Maple syrup
Tofurkey dinner sausages
Orange pepper, sweet onion, mushrooms for Skottle
Freezer Section:
Maple breakfast sausage
Garden Burgers
Ice cream bars

Food For 60 Liter Alubox

Shells & Cheese
Knorr side dishes
Top Ramen
Bisquick Shake ‘n Pour Pancake Mix
Bean dip
Kind bars
Dave's Killer Bread, 21 Grain
Blue chips
Pirates Booty White Cheddar Puffs
Famous Amos Chocolate Cookies
Olive oil spray


Great thread guys and yes, thanks for the comprehensive lists.

Now, go back and see how many forgot to take a hammer! :coffeedrink:


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my last camping was in last month and I can't remember the full lists. But I still remember some:

small table
foods and drinks
and my favorite photographing gears like khaki canvas messenger camera bag, Canon camera, lenses, etc.

I've recorded many happy moments with my camera.


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My Camping Gears:

2. FARLAND Sleeping bag & REDCAMP pad.
3. Bundle Monster Ground Cloth.
4. Coleman Stove and Jetboil Jetpower stoves Fuel.
5. Pisfun Fishing wheels and Fishing bag.
6. Coleman Camp chairs.
7. Zippo Lighter.
8. Refun E6 Torch.
9. 3/8 Inch 50 Foot Rope.
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Expedition Trailer General Equipment
Tarp, poles, stakes & cordage
Sleeping bags & camp pads
Wool blankets & polar fleece blankets
Lantern, fuel
Flashlights, extra rechargeable batteries, solar battery charger
Cordage 550, zip ties, duck tape
Tool box with mechanic tools, extra wheel bearing, Fix Flat, 12v compressor
Trappers ax, bow saw w\extra blades, hatchet, machete, shovel
First aid kit
Insect repellant, citronella candles & Thermacell
Rain gear (poncho), extra coat
Toilet paper
Shampoo, soap, razor, tooth paste, & brush
Hair Brush, & comb
Clothing that can be layered
Sun screen, lotion
Firewood & kindling wood
K2 portable 12v A\C unit in summer
Camp grill grate
Portable shower tent & 2gal pump up shower
Solar Shower (to heat the water)

Cook stove, 25lb propane, (2) 5ft. propane hoses & propane Y splitter
Fire starter: cotton balls soaked in Vaseline, matches, lighter, magnesium fire starter
Folding tables (2) 4ft
Camp chairs folding
Plates, solo cups, bowls & coffee mugs
Coffee pot with filters
Eating utensils, kitchen knives: butcher, boning, french, paring knives with knife sharpener
Spices, BBQ rubs, salt & pepper, oil, spray on pan
Frying pan (2) (cast iron) dutch oven (cast iron), stock pot, (2) sauté pots
Cooking utensils: large spoon, spatula, wooden spoon, BBQ fork, tongs, slotted spoons & strainer
Can opener & P-38 can opener
Zip-lock bags, trash bags, parchment paper & tin foil
Cutting board
(3) 7gal Aqua Taner containers (full of water)
Sawyer Water Purification System, 2gal gravity
Mixing bowls, measuring cup, measuring spoons
Coolers: Engel 12v 16qt. Fridg\Freez, K2 70 cooler, small Canyon Scout cooler
Small Weber Kettle Grill\ charcoal & wood chunks
Small plastic tub for dish washing, wash cloth, scrub pad.

Extra Stuff
Cards, paper, pencils and pens
Fishing gear\hunting gear
Books, Bible
Radio, with extra re-chargeable batteries
Firearm & ammo (security)


I had created a separate thread, then I found this, so it's moved :)

I was planning an epic chuck box build, but my wife (aka the CFO and voice of reason) pointed out that the last couple trips were overly complicated because I took too much gear. The little 2.7L Tacoma does double duty as my urban DD and home improvement hauler, so we have to unload the RTT a bed full of gear at the end of every trip, so an awesome chuck box and drawer system isn't in the cards anytime soon.

The logical solution has been to consolidate some of the gear, and managed to come up with up with a list of non-negotiable times that we need to take on trips. Sadly the discard pile was very tiny.....

Random Stuff in the truck bed:
  • 65L RTIC Cooler - It's big and heavy, but it holds PLENTY of food for a 4 day trip or a 2 day trip if we go with a group.
  • RTT - This one might be negotiable.....I haven't made up my mind yet. A ground tent would take up less space, but then I'd have all the blankets and pillows crammed into the back of our access cab.
  • Two folding chairs.
  • Hatchet.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • An old duffel bag that we use for clothes and toiletries and wedge in the back of the access cab if it's raining. I need to be sneaky and replace it with some sort of dry bag if the CFO ever lets me go to REI alone.

The "kitchen" action packers seem to take up the most space:
  • Coleman 2 burner stove - I can fill the tank and have enough white gas for an entire trip. The CFO thinks we should cook all of our meals over a fire, but I'm not going to build a fire when it's 85* out.
  • Primus ETA Stove and Pot - The piezo only works half of the time, but it's quick for coffee and solo trips.
  • Cast iron griddle - Eggs, bacon, hot dogs, burgers, all can be cooked on the griddle. Either by fire or Coleman.
  • 2 vintage army surplus mess kits with silverware.
  • 2 plastic Coffee mugs - I usually put bourbon in them, but sometimes coffee.
  • 1L MSR pot for boiling water or cooking canned soup.
  • Coffee filters and pour over coffee maker. - Who doesn't like coffee?
  • Roll of aluminum foil - wrapping leftovers or cooking baked potatoes over the fire.
  • Small non stick skillet - I've used to to sauté veggies or make omelets a couple times. I may replace it with one that has a folding handle.
  • Dish soap and sponge.
  • 5 gallon water container - Eh...This one sometimes stays at home. Just depends on where we're staying.
  • An old coffee container with assorted condiments and seasonings.
  • The Tongula/Spong? It’s a combination tongs and spatula. I saw it at a thrift store and had to have it.
  • An old kitchen knife that I “sharpened” with an angle grinder. Crazy sharp and the “micro serrations” work surprisingly well on tomatoes.
  • A second empty action packer that we use when raiding the pantry for non perishable food.

The action packers aren’t the most organized solution, but they are super quick to throw on a shelf in the basement. I’m going to use some leftover scraps of wainscoting to make quick dividers for them.


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Well, this hasn't had any additions in awhile. I will add my "kitchen sink" list. This list was made for Baja. If I don't have it … I'm potentially screwed, so I made an extra effort with the list. My process is to start pulling gear the two weeks before an adventure. As I pull junk and pile it in the living room, it gets checked off the list. A second list is printed and taped to the side of the 4Runner, and it gets checked off as I load into the truck. This list is not complete. There are some things that are obvious to me, or they live in truck all the time. Some items have a strike-through on them. That is usually because they are items taken from others, but I left them on because they could be useful to somebody else. So, here we go.

Personal Items:
Baby wipes (these rock!)
Ball cap
Bath towel
Bug Spray
Bungee cords
Clothing... pants, shorts, shirts, socks, etc.
First aid kit, small and large
Fishing equipment (pole, lures, etc)
Full brim hat
Hand cleaner, citrus
Health Insurance (copies with friends)
Hiking boots/shoes
Mexican Auto Insurance (copies with friends)
Passport! (copies with friends)
Rain shell
Snorkel gear
Space blanket
Stuff sacks
Toiletry kit
Tourist Visas (FFM)
Vehicle documents (copies with friends)
Wading tennis shoes

Accessory Gear:
110V to USB charger (2A)
USB cables (mini, micro, Garmin)
AA/AAA Battery charger, 12V
Cell phone
Dash mount, GPS
Dash mount, inReach
Folding knife (careful here)
GPS + 12V/USB cord + external antenna
Hand lens
inReach satellite communicator
Jump start battery
Kestrel Drop
Kestrel Wind meter
Leatherman multi-tool
MP3 player
Rechargeable batteries, AA and AAA
Small flashlight, Mini-Mag

Camping & Recreational Gear:
Baja Almanac (Great Map!)
Camelbak pack
Cameras (DSLR, 4x5?)
Camp chairs
Extra stakes
Flashlight, MagLight 3xD
Food, plus three days
Fridge/freezer 12V
Fridge thermometer
Ham radio and extra antenna
Ice chest for food
Kleenex packs (TP!)
Maps: Nat Geo, AAA
Nalgene 32oz bottle
Poop shovel
Propane bottle, backup 1#
Propane cylinder post
Propane cylinder, 11# or 4.5#
Propane lantern
Propane stove
Quart ziplocks for storage
Roof rack with net
Roof Top Tent
Sand stakes
Satellite phone
Shade awning
Sleeping bag, pillow
Sleeping pad
Solar panel, 40/45W
Sun Shower
Table, folding or roll-up
Tent with footprint and extra stakes
Water filter/pump
Water jug(s), 5 gallon (Scepter/Pioneer/Cube w/ spout)
XM Radio

Spare Parts:
Air filter
Alternator brushes
ATF, 1 qt
Belts, fan/PS/AC
Birfields/axle shafts
Brake fluid
Cap & rotor
Cold shrink tape
Coolant, 1 gal
EFI relays
Electrical tape
Emergency Tire Valve Stem (Colby valves)
Engine oil, 3 quarts
Front axle seals
Front crank seal
Fuel filter
Fuel pump
Gas caps, OEM and AUX
Gear oil
Headlight/tail light/turn signal bulbs
Hose clamps
Hub, 4x4
Idler pulley, PS and AC
Knuckle bearings
Knuckle studs/cone washers
Oil filter
Ox sensor
Radiator hoses
Small electrical connectors
Spark plug wires
Spark plugs
Starter contacts
Thermostat w/gasket
Tie rod ends, L & R
U-joints/slip joint
Zip ties

Camp Kitchen:
Fillet knife
Fold-up kitchen
Kleenex packs (TP!)
Liquid camp soap
Oven bags
Paper plates
Paper towels
Plastic bags, gallon
Pots, pans, cups

Off-Road Equipment:
20L NATO gas can, full
Air Compressor, 12V (Viair, ARB)
Air hose
CO2 tank, 10#
Fire Extinguisher
Fuel spout, NATO
Full size spare tire
Gloves: Mechanics and Nitrile
High-lift jack
Recovery chain
Recovery straps
Snatch block
Straps, ratchet tie-down
Tire inflator
Tree strap
Winch control

Adjustable Crescent wrenches
Bailing wire
Bolt cutters

Box end wrenches
Breaker bar (1/2")
Duct tape
Factory Service Manual
Hammer, 2lb
Mallet, rubber
Misc. electrical stuff
Misc. nuts and bolts
Multi-meter, especially with EFI
Pliers, assorted
Pliers, snap ring
Ratchet set w/metric sockets & adapters
Screwdrivers, assorted
Timing light
Tire repair kit (Safety Seal)
Tool kit for changing tires
Torque wrench
WD40, small can
Wire cutters

Happy Joe

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...For just me; off the top of my head, for long week ends-typically 4-5 days;
Jeep TJ, includes mud tires & lockers along with adequate tools and accessories.
cooler (w/ice & food)
2.5 gallons of water, Scepter can + 2 canteens with 2 quarts each....if going into the desert for a week 5 to 10 gallons.
sleeping bag, with pillow and stocking cap
tent includes stakes and rain fly
ground tarp
door mat
cot, includes mattress
chairs; 1 camp, 2 tent
the tent battery (30-35 AH, fully charged) includes inverter
the ceiling light.
the porta pot, includes T/P and spray bottle
one or 2 Bradley boxes (ammo cans, 25mm?) with dry food & munchies in it/them
the mess kit case (H/F) includes stove and fuel.
the miscellaneous Stuff case (H/F) includes tunes
the wash up/cleanliness case (H/F) includes doggy bowl washbasin
the folding table
the collapsible trashcan (Wallymart collapsible hamper) including heavy trash bags
a couple of folding end tables, including hard tops
a jacket
a wide brimmed hat
a small canvas duffel of clothes, includes rain jacket

Arrive, set up camp, relax for a bit, do a wood run or 2 into the forest, cut it into convenient lengths (a Svensaw lives in Jeep), clean out the fire pit if it needs it (usually), an e-tool lives in the Jeep, wait for friends to arrive, help them set up camp,
...find out if any one else is coming; start up the Jeep, shift into low range 4wd and go wheeling.


I do not bring a hi-lift jack, having no need for ballast.
I do not bring hatchet, axe nor machette; having no need to chop wood (just push over a 6" to 8"diameter standing dead wood snag and carry it back to camp)
I no longer bring a winch, welder, spare axles and driveshafts; since most of my rowdy/unprepared friends got old.
I, mostly, do not disconnect anti-sway bars nor air down before traveling merely difficult trails.
Keep it simple, keep it light, do your maintenance at home and enjoy the woods/mountains/desert.

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This list is much harder to come up with than I had imagined. Not because I don't know what to take, but my situation changes depending on the trip and who is with us. My wife and I tend to be the ones with the camping gear, and while we insist those that camp with us bring their own tent, sleeping arrangements, toiletries, clothes etc... We are more than willing to share a table, and a kitchen with friends, family, passers by...

It kid of boils down to the following groups though.

A tent to sleep and change clothes in. My wife prefers a MUCH larger tent than I do. My favorite is the Coleman SunDome 6 10x12. Her favorite is the Swiss Gear Appenzell 20x10. One thing I like about the Appenzell is if you don't need the shower, I can eliminate the privy shelter by putting the toilet in one of side rooms.
A privy shelter to SS&S in as it were.
A tarp shelter, or screen house to cover the kitchen / dining area and give us a place to escape gentle / medium rains before being driven back into the main tent...

An air mattress or cot and pad.
A sleeping bag and some mexican blankets for an adjustable sleeping system..
Pillows. I just can't sleep without a pillow.

A stove of some sort.
A cooking grate for cooking over a camp fire.
Utensils for makign it work.
Things to expand the art especially for larger groups or longer periods.
A means to protect dry goods, and keep perishables fresh. So a hard plastic tote for dry goods, and a decent cooler with contained ice blocks for fresh.

A toilet of some kind. I use a 5 gallon flushing portable toilet. My wife won't use a cat hole, or a bucket toilet so it's this or a hotel for her...

HVAC / Comfort.
During the coldest, and I mean sub freezing parts of winter, I will use a Coleman white gas heater to stave off freezing and keep the tent warm.
During the hottest parts of the summer, when the overnight lows struggle to get below 80, I use a 5K BTU AC and a small generator to be able to sleep at night, and give us a way to escape the heat if needed during the day.

Health / Medical.
I am on CPAP therapy, so I HAVE to have my CPAP. For short trips without the AC, I power it exclusively with my Everstart jump starter / power pack. It will easily run the CPAP for 2 nights, probably 3 with no problems. I typically recharge or leave on day 3. I have a dedicated CPAP just for travel that goes in the kit as well.

Furnishings. At a minimum like mentioned above, air beds, and then add my Coleman Pack Away camp kitchen, and a pair of folding Quick Chairs.

Lighting. I am old school, so I tend to go with my Coleman Dual fuel lanterns, however I have a couple of the Tac Light Lanterns that I like, although I find the light they produce to be quite glaring. Good if you aren't looking in their direction, annoying if you are...


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When I get my new Land Cruiser finished , it will just be a matter of topping off water, adding food and a bag of clothing. Hook up the trailer and ready to go .