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That is my essentials camping gear list od 2020
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Camping pillow.
  • Tent (and footprint, stakes)
  • Sleeping pads.
  • Headlamps or flashlights (and extra batteries)
  • Camp chairs.
  • Camp table (if no picnic table)
  • Lantern (and mantles and fuel/batteries if needed)


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My gear is mostly what I have built up over the years backpacking, canoe camping, hunting, work, etc.

Sleep gear:
Eureka Timberline 4 SQ or Sierra Designs Lightning 2 tent
Sleeping bags, liners, pads, pillows for number of people going
Hot weather - USB rechargeable or Milwaukee tools fan.
Cold Weather - Mr. Buddy Heater, only to warm tent at night and in the mornings.
Hammock(s) and appropriate tarps, bug nets, and bedding for conditions, generally in the warmer months.

Kitchen Gear:
Really a mix and match as needed, usually consisting of some combination of the following packed into either a Plano Sportsman's Tote or a Pelican 1550
Stove - Snowpeak Baja Burner, Snowpeak Giga, Jetboil Mighty Mo, MSR Whisperlite International - one or two as appropriate.
Stove fuel appropriate for trip
Snowpeak 1400, with bowl and replacement Four Dog Stoves Lid.
Small cutting board and knife with edge protector
4X Snowpeak Ti Plates
4X Snowpeak Ti Sporks
2X Sea to Summit collapsible silicone cups, measuring and drinking.
2X Snowpeak double walled 450 cups, with lids
Banks Fry Bake Alpine and Alpine Deep, with one lid and lifter
Rada Serverspoon spatula, MSR folding scoop spoon, and cheap stainless tongs
Salt, Pepper, Red Pepper, and Montreal Steak in small Nalgene widemouth jars
Washing up kit - safe suds, scotch brite, MSR scraper/brush
Via Coffee
Stanley flask of canola oil
Paper towels
Sometimes GSI HA aluminum dutch oven

Dry food as trip dictates in Plano Sportsman box, other food in Yeti 50

As needed for trip, 2.5-21.5 Gallons
Katadyn gravity bag filter
Nalgene or water bottle per person

Other (as appropriate):
Collapsible Bucket
Shovel - depends on trip
UCO flat fold grill/firepit
Camp Time Roll Top table
Folding chairs
Milwaukee M18 Fuel Chainsaw, extra chain and bar oil, felling wedges.
Extra Milwaukee M18 batteries and Milwaukee Top Off inverter (until I get a Jackery or Goal Zero)
Milwaukee USB rechargeable work lights, M12 lantern, M12 Speaker
Reliance toilet and bags, with TP
Bug spray and sunscreen seasonally

As appropriate, in weather proofish duffle bags like Northface. Hats and usually 2 of pants and/or shorts, shirt, overshirt and clean socks and underwear each day. Raingear and coats and other cold weather gear dependent on weather.

The basic, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, fingernail clippers, pack towel per person. And of course more TP.

Always in truck:
Basic recovery gear
Fire extinguisher
First aid kit
Silky saw
In-Reach Explorer
Basic tool kit
Toliet paper
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So, are you looking for our inventory, or our actual load in / out for typical trips? That varies as I am well equipped to provide gear for a large percentage of my local extended family on my wifes side, she has 7 siblings, with their spouses, neices, nephews etc...


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Camping Equipment List:

This list isn’t all inclusive, sadly there is far more than this. This is just the stuff I have recently laid eyes on.

This list includes everything from backpacking, to as simple as possible overnight on the beach because we drank too much while fishing, to overlanding while glamping. Much of this is massive overkill, some of it is downright loaners for more folks to enjoy the trip with us...

Kitchen / Dining Room:

  • First Need pumping water filter.
  • Evernew Titanium 1.3L ultralight series cook pot
  • 2 @ REI Ti Ware Series Sierra Cup.
  • 2 @ unknown MFG stainless steel Sierra Cups. These really should go.
  • 2 @ Ozark Trail pocket knife cutlery sets. Knife, fork spoon etc…
  • Camelbak 2l internal pack water bladder.
  • GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip pour over coffee maker.
  • Coleman Exponent F1 Ultralight Butane canister stove.
  • Lixada wood gasifier backpacking stove.
  • First Need Deluxe pump water filter / purifier.
  • Nalgene Water Bottles x2
  • 1gloo “5 day” insulated bag coolers x2. These are basically overglorified lunch bags.
  • MSR Whisperlite pre shaker jet model, rebuilt and ready to go. Not certain of the sizes, but I believe 20 oz and 32 oz fuel bottles.

  • American Camper 4pc cook set. Technically 6pc, 8” Skillet, 3QT cook pot, 2QT cook pot with matching lids, and 1 cup plastic graduated measuring cup. All cook pots / lids stainless steel with swing open plastic coated metal handles in a stuff sack.
  • Above listed 2 @ Ozark Trail pocket knife cutlery sets. Knife, fork spoon etc…
  • Above Listed GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip pour over coffee maker.
  • Century MFG bottle top 1 burner propane stove.
  • Above listed First Need Deluxe pump water filter / purifier. PLUS Nalgene water bottles.
  • Paper plates, bowls, aluminum foil
  • 2 @ Coleman telescoping campfire cooking forks
  • 2 @ 40 oz insulated stainless steel tumblers.
  • Lifetime 55qt High Performance Cooler
  • Coleman Extreme 50qt rolling cooler with spray foamed lid.
  • Coghlans Heavy Duty campfire cooking grate.
  • 17” Stainless steel BBQ tongs.
  • 2 @ Bell & Howell Tac Light Lanterns, 4 @ knock off copies of same.

  • EZ Up Pagoda 13x13 instant set canopy.
  • Camco 9x12 RV outdoor mat
  • 2 @ Ozark Trail shade wall with pockets. (Trash bags and LOTS of storage)
  • Ozark Trail 9x13 screen house.
  • 2 @ 12x24 Silver / brown reversible poly tarps.
  • Cabelas Deluxe Campers Kitchen.
  • Coleman PackAway Camp Kitchen.
  • Coleman fold up double wash basin.
  • 2 @ Sterilite wash basins.
  • 2 @ 27x55” Winado roll top aluminum camp tables.
  • 2 @ Walmart wooden folding TV trays.
  • 4 @ Reliance AquaTainers.
  • Camco potable water hose, inline filter, flex adapter, pressure regulator and 90 degree adapter.
  • 2 @ 5 gallon buckets with Gamma Seal Lids to use as pest resistant camper pantries.
  • Texsport 6pc stainless steel family cookware set with custom replacement stuff sack.
  • Outdoor Gourmet 10” cast iron Skillet with Amazon Basics Silicone handle cover.
  • Outdoor Gourmet double sided cast iron griddle.
  • Outdoor Gourmet 8qt 12” Cast Iron camp dutch oven.
  • Outdoor Gourmet dutch oven lid lifter.
  • Lodge 8” cast iron meat rack / dutch oven trivet.
  • Ozark Trail 5qt cast iron dutch oven.
  • Ozark Trail 12” cast iron skillet with Amazon Basics Silicone handle cover.
  • Ozark Trail 2qt cast iron bean pot
  • Ozark Trail 12 cup stainless steel percolator retrofitted with a Fitz All glass percolator top.
  • 2 @ Coghlans cast iron pie irons.
  • 6 @ Coleman extendible camp fire cooking forks 2 pack.
  • Ikea Grunka 4pc stainless steel kitchen gadget set. Spatula, large spoon, Ladle, pasta claw thingy. If anyone knows what these are called let me know!
  • 17” Stainless Steel BBQ tongs.
  • Continuous coil grill brush.
  • Swing A Way can and bottle opener.
  • Dollar Store kitchen items… Paper towel stand, Stainless steel potato masher, Silicone whisk, Silicone scraper, Measuring cups, Measuring spoons, 9x9” square cake pan, 9” round cake pan, 9” pie pan, Muffin pan, Loaf pan, Condiment bottles, Salt & pepper shakers, 6 @ dish towels. 2 to use as dish towels, 4 to use as placemats., Hot pads, 2 @ scrubber dish rags
  • Stainless Steel milk frother.
  • Above Listed GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip pour over coffee maker.
  • Above LIsted GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip.
  • Coleman Stove Top Drip Coffee Maker with Coleman QuickPot stainless steel carafe, Coleman zippered soft case, and permanent stainless steel mesh filter.
  • 2 @ Stansport Blue enamel steel 24pc serviceware set. 4 each plates, bowls, mugs, knives, forks and spoons with custom stuff sacks.
  • Above listed 4 @ 40oz stainless steel vacuum tumblers. (Kodiak brand I believe, they came from our closest Buccees gas station / general merch store).
  • 2 @ Ozark Trail Insulated stainless steel half gallon drink thermos things. 1 for coffee, 1 for tea.
  • Individual cheap mid size Stainless Steel mixing bowl.
  • Walmart cheap stainless colander.
  • Stainless steel mixing bowl with lid set.
  • Dawn dish soap. Not the stuff with bleach. Rumor has it this stuff is watershed safe so capturing gray water isn’t crucial.
  • SOS pads because the stainless steel stuff likes having stuff stick on in a small square plastic food container.
  • Plastic pan scrapers because we simply do NOT wash cast iron in soapy water. I have a bunch of these not sure where to get them other than the grocery store.
  • Coleman 424 Dual Fuel liquid fuel stove with propane adapter if needed.
  • Coleman 425 White gas liquid fuel stove with propane adapter if needed.
  • Coleman Classic 2 burner propane stove.
  • Coleman folding stove top camp stove with brand unknown rectangle pizza stone to even heat out. PENDING I will be making a welding blanket insulator for the top and 3 sides.
  • Eversharp Chefs knife set that my wife got as a giveaway for signing up for a Sams Club account LONG ago. Blade guards, and chefs knife roll.
  • MFG unknown, but a chop, fold, and pour cutting board.
  • Pampered Chef Deluxe BBQ Masters set. Tongs, Spatula, grill cleaner, kabob skewers, injector, Meat thermometer, basting brush and cup, meat gloves.
  • Big ol gnarly grocery store corn on the cob skewers, although I have taken to cooking my corn on the cob more like Mexican Elote / street corn, so the stalk makes a nice handle..
  • Nutri Ninja bullet blender with blender bottles.
  • B&D cheapie 2 slice toaster.
  • 500w immersion blender, whip, and food processor combo.
  • 3 Coleman Dual Fuel 2 mantle lanterns. OR…
  • 2 Coleman Quickpack 2 mantle propane lanterns AND Trail Tek 2 mantle propane lantern.
  • Pampered Chef bamboo serving bowl set (4).
  • PENDING. Battery operated bluetooth color changing LED rope light. Looking for the 48 footer so I can circle the inside frame of the EZ Up and obviously end up with some extra…
  • 3 @ Igloo MaxCold 152qt coolers. White.
  • Coleman 150qt Xtreme 5 cooler.

Shelter / Bedroom:
  • Eureka Solitaire backpacking tent.
  • Sierra Designs Sirius 3.
  • Coleman SunDome 4 9x7 dome tent.
  • Coleman SunDome 10x10.
  • Swiss Gear 9x7 dome tent
  • Swiss Gear 20x10 3 room dome tent
  • Ozark Trail Dark Rest 10, 10x14 instant cabin tent.
  • Big Agnes Insulated Air Core
  • 2 @ Therm A Rest Camp Rests with pairing kit
  • 2 @ Stansport Big Ol Cots.
  • 2 @ eTekcity double high twin air mattresses.
  • 2 @ Intex Double High twin air mattresses.
  • 2 @ Coleman 4D Quickpumps.
  • 2 @ Odoland LED camping lantern / Tent fan A.K.A. tent ceiling fans.
  • O2Cool 10” battery powered fan.
  • Coleman 511 5K BTU, 515 3K-5K BTU, 513B 5K BTU and 518 3K BTU catalytic white gas heaters.
  • Goldstar 6.5K BTU Energy Star window AC with soft start capacitor. Needs to be replaced soon. LG has a 6K BTU mechanical with a low peak amp draw that I am looking at...
  • Mr. Heater Portable Buddy heater with inline filter.
  • Interlocking foam floor cushions. Kids play room pad things.
  • Ultra Deep Pocket king size sheets for pairing airbeds into a king bed.
  • 3 King size 30 deg sleeping bags,
  • Assortment of blankets and pillows for comfort.
  • Slumberjack and Magellan 30 degree ultralight mummy bags and 4 related sleeping bag liners which get our rating down to 10 degree F. Not willing to push that though.
  • Slumberjack stuffable pillows.
  • Emptied, thoroughly washed and dried, repurposed new kitty litter tubs. The kind NEW litter ships in. Used as nightstands.

Sanitation / bathroom:
  • 2 steel garden spades for digging cat holes.
  • Camp Suds.
  • Pack Towels.
  • Cabelas Deluxe Shower Shelter. Needs the tether / shock cording redone but otherwise in like new shape.
  • Jaxpety 5 gallon flushable toilet.
  • Cabelas 5 gallon solar shower bag.
  • Ozark Trail junktastic 5 gallon shower bag. The bag is fine, the shower nozzle keeps popping off.
  • Coghlans camp mirror.
  • Zodi Hot Tap Instant Hot Shower.
  • Zodi battery powered camp shower, fitted to a shop made copper coil heat exchanger that works over the Coleman stove.

Power Supply:
  • Harbor Freight Tailgator 900w peak, 700w continuous 2 stroke generator.
  • 50’ outdoor extension cord.
  • Inline GFCI
  • Triple tap.
  • Black and Decker automotive battery charger.
  • Deep cycle RV / Marine battery with custom made 12V power port / harness
  • 500w inverter.

Fire kit.
  • Schrade SCHF38 Bushcrafting knife with a couple fire steels.
  • Shrade SCAXE10 camp hatchet.
  • Harbor Freight folding saw. Hey it works well and folds nicely…
  • Petroleum Jelly cotton balls
  • Lots of BBQ lighters
  • Fuel funnels.

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Apparently there is a character limit per post. So continued from my last post.

Vehicle Recovery:
  • Harbor Freight 18" tool bag. The thin, nasty old style. I use this as a sandbag over the winch cable in case it snaps.
  • Harbor Freight Hercules 18" Tool bag that holds the loose stuff.
  • Engo E9000 9K winch upgraded to synthetic winch rope. (100', where the original steel rope was 95')
  • Keeper 4" x 30' 20K lbs vehicle recovery strap.
  • 4 @ Smittybuild 3/8" snatch blocks (17.5K lbs).
  • 4 @ 3/4" rubberized D ring shackles.
  • 4 @ Traction boards.
  • Hi Lift Jack with off road foot.
  • Tuffy roller fairlead license plate flip up mount.
  • Tchipie Roof top cargo carrier bag.
  • Haul Master Cargo Carrier.
  • Assortment of cables, locks, etc...
  • HDX 27 gallon heavy duty storage totes x2.
  • Variety of home made stowage bags / ditty bags for things like cook kits, tent accesories, etc...
  • Enamel Steel housing first aid kit. This is one of those giant Sams Club first aid kits, tweaked to suit our needs, and enclosed in an old school stamped steel kit like the ones you see in commercial installations, and doctors offices.
Campsite Fuel distribution:
  • 4 @ 5 gallon gas cans for Ethanol Free unleaded gasoline.
  • 1 gallon gas can for Ethanol free unleaded gasoline. The 5 gallon jugs are a main source, I transfer TO the 1 gallon can for filling appliances as it is MUCH easier to manipulate over a filler funnel.
  • 2 @ 20lb propane cylinders. I do the exchange program and try to get the freshest cylidners I can...
  • Century MFG Tri Outlet Safety Post (Distribution Tree)
  • GasPro Propane POL / ACME threaded Y fitting.
  • GasPro 18' ACME to Disposable thread propane adapter hose.
  • GasPro 12' POL to Disposable thread propane adapter hose.
  • 4 @ Camco 12' Disposable thread M/F extension hoses.
  • Mr. Heater inline fuel filter and spare.
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