Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics

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1997 Montero SR bought right before Christmas 2017, with 225,000 miles. I bought it in most excellent condition, minus the leather typical 20 year old degradation and some roof rust around the sun roof. A Little bit of sanding and bondo took care of that.

30x9.5x15 tires :(

Rocky Road Super Sliders.

Monstaliner roll on bedliner in Desert Sand.

Rola roof basket from Amazon with 2 extensions and some Rola van ladder racks (load bars), bringing the total of the roof rack under $500. The goal was to get a "temporary placeholder" for lights, side and rear awnings, while having a temp place for some plano 1919 boxes and a gas can or two.

285/75/R16, Proline 16x8 wheels with a 4.63 axle swap, along with the ADD lift and a 2" body lift are planned. The 1 year plan is 315/75R16's with 4.9 R&P as well as a front air locker.
First drive down the mountain and first sunrise, man these things sure are do pose well for pictures. Wanted to get out with my camera this morning for some shots but the winds were blowing hard up there this morning and I almost got blown away!


Did a color change on my rig. I think it came out pretty good. Still have some parts to put back on and little things to take care of. Will post more pics when it's all back together.

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Wow, your rig is looking good! The texture looks like Monstaliner. I'm going to guess that it's Pyroclastic or the Medium Quartz Grey, but It's hard to tell from my sample chips. I like the black out badge too.
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