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Picked up a Rocky Mountain Outdoor Co hard shell tent little over a week ago. With the warm weather I went out for the night and tried it out. Overall I am very pleased with it, and I much prefer this vs the soft shell tent (ARB Pilabra) I ran previously. I like how they offer an annex extension for this model. I might consider buying it in the spring.

I used to run a 6 man Coleman ground tent that I loved, but recently upgraded to a cvt mount Denali 4+ person tent.. First camping trip with it is next weekend.

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2008 Autohome Maggiolina Airlander.
Just some fresher pics from some old ones.

From last month at Mount Rainier National Park for four nights.
Lotta new gear this gear, and it all worked great.

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Not much to say. Pretty much standard J150/Prado, based in UAE. Only mods are KO2's, knock-off ARB aluminium roof rack, plus ARB Simpson III roof top tent.

I've build some Drifta/Thrifta style drawers, very badly, but they serve the purpose of keeping everything in place when driving up and over mountains and Wadi's around the UAE and Oman.

The photo and Timelapse were shot up Jebel Shams in Oman, the Arabian Peninsula's highest peak. When the termperatures are 40°c+ in Dubai, this place is only in the 20's!!
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