Post your tents

Cool! How do you like the Nomad? I wondered why we don't see more of their fold over type tents.
I love my tent, I have slept in in a bunch and it is super roomy and comfortable. On the way to Wyoming we had a wicked storm blow through and there was no flapping, the stability was really amazing. I would highly recommend it, the only issue I have is how to orientate it so it doesn't interfere with my awning. The only option is to the rear, which is fine as this provides shelter while using the back of the truck.
I think just due to cost and a lack of information from them regarding the tent. I was looking at their website earlier but they had four basic pictures, no videos and started showing hard shell rtt pictures near the bottom. It really looked like they didn't give a damn about what they were selling. Easier for people to buy other soft shell tents and know what they are getting for cash.

On that note if wesclimb were to toss up a video of the tent online. He'd be the only one that could give a updated, decent overview of this Nomad tent.
I would love to put up a video, but I fear that is beyond my capability. What I will say is that this is my first RTT and I love it. I mostly use it for just me, as I run a lot of trail races (ultra-marathons) and it is super easy to set up, even when you are tired, it also stands up to weather really well. I would highly recommend it and although expensive compared to other soft tents, the craftsmanship is topnotch.
I used to run a Tepui and ARB RTT but I sold them and returned to ground tents. Picked up a Sierra Designs 2P Divine Light for solo trips + 1 dog and the Marmot Limestone 8P tent for when I want more space for a queen size air mattress, 2 dogs, and a sitting area inside the tent.

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