Powdercoated aluminum for Sprinter interior walls, Rails for slideout bed

I've done a bunch of research on how I want to build out my new sprinter. There are a few things I like about the sprinter the gal from Bearfoot Theory drives. I really like the clean white interior and the pull out bed.
Apparently the walls are powder coated aluminum sheets. What do you guys think about that? Where would you source them? Also the bed. The design looks simple enough, but where do you think you can find those rails? And do you think they'd hold up to two person nocturnal activities?

The walls are most likely 0.030 or 0.040 pre-painted aluminum sheet. It can be source thru most steel suppliers. Since you are in southern CA, you could get this from Patton's, or Industrial Metal Supply. My only comment would be the thermal bridging. That sheet will transfer hot and cold quite efficiently. I built a toy hauler using it. It looked spectacular, but man did it transfer heat or cold from the aluminum window frames in the walls, as well as the steel wall framing.
I was wondering about this. Aluminum being a common heatsink material and all. Any similar clean looking materials you recommend? PVC sheets or something? 1/4" plywood with laminate? I'd like to keep it as light as possible.


Yea, that aluminum will be a condensation monster! I would try to source some thin fiberglass sheeting, or possibly a thin epoxy saturated marine plywood. Using a totally bonded attachment (polyurethane) will give you some resistance to cold bridging since the film thickness needs to be .040 to 060. I sure wouldn't use aluminum.


There is a lot of discussion on the web about Azdel and delamination. It goes back many years, so maybe they have figured out how to keep it together. Sounds like a great product if not for the delamination issue.
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While the slides are nice - I don't see the cost and complexity worth it compared to a standard pull out arrangement which uses a few legs for support. Much less to go wrong and stronger with simple leg supports...
Yeah, I think I have the bed pretty well figured out with some 30" rails. Also considering a heavy duty actuator to lift the center folding portion, which would be pretty slick. The whole thing is overkill, but will be a fun project, I think.
Hi, I have use daily aluminum substrate panels from Montroy Sign Materials. Panels are laminated 3mil plastic with aluminum panels attached and are painted white on both sides. I have used the panels in my Sprinter van and my Unimog camper, both inside and out. The panels are either 4'x8' or available in 5' x 10'. Panels are about $50 for a 4' x 8'. No problems with condensation. Easy to cut and drill. Two ten footers were used for my inside Sprinter walls, and insulated with Thinsulate. I screwed and glued the panels so that there are no squeaks.


I second SNOWCAT with the material
We do a lot of Commercial Building with 4MM Aluminum Composite sheets finished in White, Reynobond or Alpolic, we route and return the all edges 1" for Composite Wall panels.
Sign people use similar product.
Drills easy and lots of use.
I have some in the ceiling in our van