Power Wagon In Europe?

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Attached is a picture of the carpark at the gate of the naples naval base.
The picture you are posting is from outside the base. And I found a few images from full-size trucks and even vans on base. So it can be done.

I have talked to a few people around the web since posting this and I actually feel more confident in taking the PW over there. One person I respect who drives a Defender 130 to many of the places I want to go has said he often parks outside a city if he wants to go into a metropolitan area in Europe and takes a taxi or uber into the city centers. He said this is actually better because he doesn't have to search and pay for parking. He said that once I get out of western Europe the size won't matter much.

I think I am going ahead with the plan to take a full size with me when we get stationed over there... I will update this site regularly with how good or bad that decision ends up being lol

I have thought about a Defender 110... but am just so unsure about the 4x4 system (center locker but no axle locks?), engine options and comfort compared to a new PW

the worst-case scenario is I only drive it a few times to eastern Europe, northern Africa and only a few other places the 3 years I'm over there... I still get to bring it back with me and enjoy it here. If I only get to drive it once every 6 months or so then it won't be such a big deal... but it will be fun in the desert of Morroco!
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I am currently in Stuttgart, Germany. Brought over my modified 2012 JKUR, while I love it, the Jeep is not perfect for Europe. The biggest issue is the price of fuel. Inside Germany, I get discounted gas but once I leave Germany I have to buy on the economy. I have spent in one refueling over 100 euros filling up my fuel tank, its not fun. In Italy, you will have it the same, discount fuel but once you leave the country be prepared. I have the AEV fuel caddy, and I use it when I leave Germany and I'm trying to figure out how to carry more. You can buy real NATO metal fuel cans here for under 20 euros, I got four and trying to figure out how to carry on my roof rack. Some of my friends have gotten stopped at the borders when carrying extra fuel and had to pay an import tax.

On the economy diesel is cheaper then petrol, but a lot of European countries are banning diesel so something to think about.

Last year I drove my Jeep to Rome, rented an apartment outside the city, parked the Jeep and took the public transit to the city center. With fuel cost, would have been cheaper to fly but the drive was fun.

I have friends who are or have been station in Naples, and they have never advised taking a new vehicle to Naples, it will get banged or scratched up, just a fact of life in Naples.

While there be on the lookout for either a Landcruiser or Defender, Italy is a good source for they are rust free. Most in Germany by the 25 year mark are nothing but rust. Other thing is you can get stuff in Europe that might not be available in the States. I see a lot of South African off road equipment available here that you don't find in the States. I'm currently in the process of buying a South African trailer that is not sold in the States. For a truck, you can get the metal canopies or campers.

I believe you can catch a car ferry to Tunisia, co-worker got assigned to there after Stuttgart. Drove down through Italy and caught a car ferry to ship his car, all part of his PCS. Suppose to be some really good overland routes in Tunisia.
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My Uncle drove a government issued Jeep in Europe
I still get to bring it back with me and enjoy it here. If I only get to drive it once every 6 months or so then it won't be such a big deal...
are you paying shipping or ?
I think it could be cool showing up in a big American truck but I doubt it will be practical or the best use of money. You are in Europe, live the European experience, why muddy the waters with something from home?


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[QUOTE="billiebob, post: 2720929 You are in Europe, live the European experience, why muddy the waters with something from home?[/QUOTE]

Why Muddy the waters in another part of the world?

Cause that what Americans love to do!


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Next spring my family will be moved by the US Military to Italy for about 3 years or so. In that time I would like to explore the western alps and generally fun places to go. I have a 2017 Ram Rebel now but have been wanting to upgrade to the 2020 Ram Powerwagon. So, gas cost not withstanding... would bringing the PW over be a bad idea?

I understand the limits of city driving and parking so I might buy something small and local just for around town daily driving and keep the PW strictly as an adventure rig... also the mass transit I hear is nice so that helps to keep the PW parked unless I want to have fun.

I hate the idea of buying something new over there and taking the loss when it's time to move back and selling it... and I also don't want anything used because of reliability issues, no winch, ect... also, a power wagon would give me the peace of mind that I wont get stuck in a ditch in a country where I dont speak the language. Plus I can keep the PW for when I get back stateside and continue my journeys in north america.

I thought about putting 35s on it and have read that I will need M+S tire or full blown snow tires in Germany... I dunno... is there anything you would think of that I should consider before I make this massive purchase?

::: I should have mentioned another main reason I wanted the PW over other options is I need to fit a family of six :::

Thank you in advance!
If you are planning on hitting the old military roads in the Alps, you are going to want something smaller. The turns on the switchbacks are tight enough for a normal sized truck... plus there are many trails that are just too narrow for a bigger rig. And the final nail in the big rig coffin is tight, small tunnels.

with that all said, if/when you are ready to hit those trails, hit me up. Either we can travel together, or I can give you some great tips and routes.


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Why not just pick up an ex-Nato G Wagon and either sell it before you come back stateside or if it is registerable in your home state, import it?



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The Us trucks are not only big on most streets and parking places, they can also be quite big when offroading. Especially in the mountains.

And there are many 4x4 options available in Europe, so why spend all that money to bring a car over here? Perhaps just buy an older petrol Landcruiser, as they will not have crazy miles and are comfortabel, and the size is good. You also have them as 7 seaters.
And it can be services in Morocco if you have an issue. Your Dodge will be hopeless in servicing in Morocco or Balkan.