Practical Modifications to an absurd daily driver

Mania Toad

I just bought and read "Build Your Own Overland Camper", and it inspired the next phase in the endless modification of my absurd daily driver. In preparation for a two week road-trip, I mounted a Korean War era gas-mask dry bag, using a kydex mounting plate. Inspired by the old Desert water bags, I made a 64 oz canteen holder out of kydex. I also added a fender rack and locking toolbox. Noticing a small unused gap behind the toolbox bracket, I made a custom box out of kydex to mount the plug and thermostat for my heated jacket.
I'm trying to come up with more practical mods. I need a better way to carry my rain-suit and heated gear; I just strapped down a backpack for the trip. All new modifications need to be waterproof, keep a slim profile for lane-splitting, and keep with the overall style of the bike. I have a particular fondness for up-cycling odd parts. Any ideas?