Prescription eyewear for adventures and sports? (hiking, skiing, biking, etc.)


Prescription eyewear for adventures and sports? (hiking, skiing, biking, etc.)

Since 1992 I wore contacts exclusively (except in the evenings before bed, and mornings), up until 2014 when I was finally tired of the discomfort and switched back to being a full-time eyeglass wearer. Something changed with my eyes where my my contacts were a constant problem (drying out, rotating off my astimatism, etc.). I would wear my contacts for certain situations, like skiing and wearing goggles, but I was taking the contacts out the first chance I got. I've been limping along like this since and want to make some changes.

Laser correction on my eyes is a non-starter. Every eye doctor I've had, and my independent research, tells me my prescription is too high. They could improve my vision but I would still need corrective lenses. I'm not spending thousands of dollars zapping my eyes to still have to wear glasses. So I'm considering selling all of my existing ski goggles and sunglasses that someone with normal vision or contacts would wear and coming up with different solutions:

For skiing - Does anyone have experience with Rx inserts for ski goggles? Something like these - It seems there could be potential for these to fit in a snorkeling mask as well. The only other option I know of is replacing my current goggles with an over-the-glasses (OTG) goggle, but that has its drawbacks as well. If the insert works, I could probably keep my existing goggles.

General sunglasses - Last year I went with a pair of prescription sunglasses for the first time in my life. They are an Oakley frame but they do not wrap at all to stop wind or light from coming in the sides; again, my Rx is so bad, the lens has to be relatively flat. I went skiing recently and wore my sunglasses nearly the entire day and life was fine, but had the weather been windy or snowy it would have been a different story. I've searched, but are there aftermarket side shields for sunglasses? (Example) I'm willing to try my hand at something custom with leather or maybe Kydex (moldable plastic, used for custom knife sheaths and handgun holsters) if there are not great options.

I'm just curious what those of us with eyeglasses have found to work well!



I have the Prescription style ENZO climate control series, they have an insert (which can come out) for wind and snow, i have used them biking, sking ,snow blowing, and walking in the wind.
Love them!!! Quality all around.
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When I snorkeled I had prescription lenses made for the goggles. When I hiked in winter I had snow glasses made that were very dark and had leather at the sides for snow/wind, they also had the part that hooked over my ears so they did not fall off for snowshoeing.
Had laser eye correction done but after 10 years it no longer worked. Now I wear lenses. I have several pair as I get them replaced every other year. Old ones that get really scratched are my shop/welding glasses, yes, under the mask.
I have two pair made at the same time (two for one sale), one to wear and one for back up that I keep in the vehicle. I cannot do the laser surgery again so now it is glasses always. Plastic lenses that double as safety lenses that also darken in sunlight. Especially dark when light reflects off snow. I am aged so I also have the bi-focal lenses.


I have wiley x and a friend has the same shooting glasses with the prescription insert. Last I recall he liked them very much. I will say they do have the oakley M frame mil look.


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After I lost a pair of $500 prescription glasses while kayaking, I went to Wal-mart. They have "motorcycle" glasses. It has a rubber cushion on the inside. It does not touch your face but gets close enough to block wind. I use them on my ATV all the time. The pair I bought also has a removable elastic strap on the back. Great for kayaking. They look like this


i use the wiley x prescription/transitions for work,fortunately they pay for mine every year or whenever i need them replaced.they dig into the bridge of my nose after a few hrs. if i'm wearing the side protection insert.still like them though.had an arm break off but that was all me. they spend as much time with me in the boat as they do for work.