Price Drop !!! 2014 EarthCruiser EXP for sale


For all who are asking, yes this is still available if the posting is still on Expedition Portal. Will delete when we find a buyer. 220k and its in Montana as I write this at end of November


These are true 4 season rigs, I have had it in 110 degrees down to -10 and works great.

I’d like to second Brent’s comments on the Earthcruiser EXP’s suitability for winter as there is is a myth that partially fabric-sided campers will be too cold. In our experience (two EXPs over the last nine years for a combined total of 70,000 miles) nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve spent over two weeks in a EXP when it never got above -5 dF and was down to -20dF at night and months of other snowy winter trips. The diesel powered furnace keeps the house (and cab if you want) toasty warm while sipping fuel (we estimate about 0.33 gallons a day in cold conditions) with the added benefit it is legal to run the house furnace while travelling on the highway.

In the unlikely event that one was without a furnace (never happened to us, bit have heard of others) we would simply not raise the roof and have the same insulation as a hard-sided rig. All furniture and systems are completely useable with the roof down - about 5’ 3 - 5” headroom.

Howard Snell

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