Price for 2006 Suzuki DR 200?


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Need advice:

A gentleman on FB is offering to sell his 2006 Suzuki DR 200 with only 350 miles for $2700. Its apparently a clean bike, clear title, and runs well.

I'm interested in a small adventure bike but the price seems kinda steep for a 12-13 year old bike? Am I wrong?

I'm comfortable around $1500...maybe $1800. I did go to my local honda shop and was priced a 2017 (new) Honda CRF 250L for $4300. And I see some 2017's DR 200 selling around $3500 I cant see myself paying $2700 when I could get a new (either honda or suzuki) for not much more.

Is his asking price spot on? Or what should be a reasonable counter offer?


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There are a lot of used bikes out there to choose from.
Prices are all over the place.
That does seem high to me, considering that bike and the other options you mentioned.
I'd offer $1800 and maybe go up to $2,000, only if the bike is perfect and you really want it.
That low of mileage, if the bike just sat for years, I'd walk away.


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Thanks guys. I decided to walk away from the deal and currently offering a trade for a klr 650. Hope it goes through

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You can buy a lot more bike for $2700. Seller probably made the mistake of thinking the low miles are an asset. IMO when they're that low they're more of a liability. Not even enough miles to do the 600 mile break in service? Yeah, no.

I'm also casually shopping for a 3rd bike. Considering a ~200cc class dual sport as well . In addition to the DR200, there is also the Kawasaki Super Sherpa, the Yamaha XT225 and 250, and the Yamaha TW200. All of those can be found for ~ $2000 on the used market, at least around here.