Prime-time Television Episode Features Overland Journal

Scott Brady

For Immediate Release:
January 2, 2010

Prime-time Television Episode Features Overland Journal

Overland Journal was selected by Pangolin Pictures and the SPEED Channel for their prime-time television series Dangerous Drives, which will be broadcast to 78 million households worldwide.

Overland Journal will be featured in episode 12, which was produced in December 2009, and documents the testing procedures Overland Journal staff use to evaluate vehicles and equipment. “Overland Journal has a reputation of conducting the most exhaustive and abusive equipment testing in the industry, which piqued SPEED Channel's interest in following along on one of our trips” says Scott Brady. For the testing, Overland Journal's Publisher, Scott Brady and Senior Photographer, Sinuhe Xavier traveled through 500 miles of Utah backcountry testing American Expedition Vehicle's (AEV) Brute and new Hemi powered Jeep Unlimited in the worst snow condition recorded in 40 years. The route ascended to over 8,000 feet, where the team encountered 40 inches of snow at the summit, requiring winching and progress at times measured in feet per hour.

In addition to testing the AEV trucks, Scott and his team were evaluating tents from Nemo Equipment, clothing from Arcteryx, Exofficio and Mountain Khaki, Lightforce lighting, BFGoodrich tires, ARB suspension components and rack/awning combination, and recovery equipment from Viking Offroad and Warn. Scott's vehicle was the popular Overland JK, built by the Jeep Skunkworks team with components from AEV, ARB, Adventure Trailers, Equipt Expedition Outfitters and Mobil1.

This SPEED Channel episode and the recent coverage of Overland Journal in Forbes Magazine demonstrate the rapid growth of consumer interest in overland adventure travel.

About Overland Journal:
Overland Journal is dedicated to vehicle-supported expedition travel and exploration in North America and around the world. Perfect bound, and featuring over 130 pages of expedition vehicles, travel stories, equipment reviews, and conservation news, Overland Journal sets new standards in adventure travel journalism. Our international editorial staff collects the most captivating images and informative stories ever seen in a vehicle-centered publication.

Designed for readers who want in-depth information rather than sound bites, Overland Journal is content rich, with 10-plus page feature adventures and no story breaks. Skills and technical features offer a level of detail designed to produce competent and self-confident backcountry travelers. | 928.777.8567 | service (at)​

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Scott Brady

Yeah, it looks like their schedule does not go out that far. They are on episode five at the moment, or so it appears.

I am expecting it will be sometime in Feb.?


This is just an idea, and something I would really like to see, but how about videotaping the equipment tests you do throughout the year and offer them for us to buy at the end of the year?
I have seen some of the videos that Sagen Media produced for you during the last April's Overland Expo and thought they were really well done. I think it would be a great addition to the overland community's library.

Also, how about some really nice Overland Journal magazine binders so we can save our copies of OJ from undue wear and tear?



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Huge Congrats!
The more we can do to show that there are normal folks out enjoying the world in 4wd's vs the "hold my beer" crowd the better.

Great work.


I am so excited that the popularity of overlanding is increasing:victory:

I remember my dad telling me stories of all the places he used to travel in Montana before the massive closings took place. I could tell it saddened him that I would never be able to experience the adventures he had done.

The Expo and Overland Journal have rekindled my spirits that the adventure is still possible - albeit in more distant lands than here. :smiley_drive:

I look at my two year old daughter not with sadness, but a beam of hope that she will also get to experience this world on a personal level, not a bus tour at a park or on T.V.

Thanks for all that you've done people of Overland Journal and EXPO, It gives me the energy to fight the good fight. Blue ribbon here I come!:)
Scott, I've always suspected that you were from the future. Now it's confirmed. Your blog entry over on Overland Journal is dated Jan 5th. How are things going tomorrow?:coffeedrink:

Seriously, congratulations.

Christian P.

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Congrats Scott. But please don't make it too popular. Soon we'll find sand ladders at WalMart.
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Congratulations, Overland Journal-folk. I'll have at least two DVRs programmed as soon as the date is announced.
Right on Scott... congrats to you again, as well as to the rest of the OJ family. I'll have to find someone with a TV to tape it for me, or Tivo it, or whatever they do now. :cool:


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I'm looking forward to this! If all goes as planned and I get my series this month I'm planning on spending a lot of time in the garage but I'll keep an eye for the air date and I'll be sure to DVR it.