Pro-Rig V2.0 - Home Built Compact Composite Pop-up

We managed to get in a short trip over the weekend. Spot called Monache Meadows in the southern Sierras. First real 4X4 road we have done since I installed the airbags and Daystar cradles - they worked great. Kept the bags at 55psi, aired the tires down to 25psi front and 30psi rear and the ride was surprisingly good. Was considering ditching the bags and getting a heavy duty leaf pack, think I'll stick with the bags now though and get medium duty leafs.

Got in to the camp area at the end of the road Saturday evening. About 20 rigs scattered about but lots of space left (I get the impression this place gets really busy some weekends). Our nice shady camp spot reminded me I need to get the deployable solar panels going. Pretty spot right on the river though.

We also finally overcame our fear of the porta potti :confused: and got it up and running for the first time. The results:

Happy campers :p. Surprisingly well engineered this thing - no evil smells even after being sealed up in our tiny camper for the drive home.

All the other campers packed up and headed out Sunday morning, several going out of their way to get a photo of their rigs crossing through the river - come on guys, it's only like 8 inches deep:rolleyes:. Anyway, a friendly father-son team arrived and camped about a quarter mile up river from us. Got to hear some stories of what this place was like 40 years ago (father) and chuckled at some panicked looks (son) as we stumbled upon his "secret" weed smoking spot down in the willows that happened to look like a good "secret" fishing spot :).

Fished and hiked all day Sunday - perfect weather and no bugs.

After another chilly night (more love for the Propex heater!), we headed out Monday AM. Passed no one else on the jeep trail. Saw more wildlife than cars on the whole drive back down to the highway. Good trip.

Camper to come off the truck and enter the "shop" next. Work to be done before ski season starts...

A little progress to report on the electric lift project. Got the mounts designed and built.

All aluminum since that's what I can work with with my tools. Forces shouldn't be too great since the scissor lifters will be doing most of the work, but did my best to over engineer these. Rear lowers at top (curve goes around the tail light). Four upper mounts at lower left - pretty simple! Lower right are for stabilizing the body of the actuator. Need to finish the front lowers and then drill a bunch of mounting holes. Then I guess it'll be time to drill holes in the camper - that part makes me nervous (I'm out of practice ;)).

Above photo shows how much an iPhone camera distorts at the edges - the four pieces at lower left are actually exactly the same size. As are the four at lower right. The photo just kinda freaked me out and I had to go out to the garage and double check - whew!

Wiring and switch gear ready to go in. Just need to find some spare time!
Had some time to get work done today. All four upper mounts installed.

They are anchored in to 1.5" of plywood behind the aluminum angle. They seem really solid.

Here's an actuator hanging in place. I think they will look pretty good in the end.

Also got the rear lower mounts on.

They seem very solid but I'll watch carefully for signs of flex when I get the wiring done and test the lifters. That's the shaft of the actuator in this shot. The actuators will not be connected to the lower mounts. I'll add an adjustable "landing pad" on to the lower mount to fine tune the maximum height to get just the right amount of compression on the seals between the slide-up and the main body.

Still fiddling with the front lower mounts, that's next...