Project JKURV

Builder of Jeep stuff
Project JKURV Is underway!
Going to replace my old drawer system and remove the back seat along with anything else that I can do to shed weight. Then build a custom storage system using birch plywood and then fiberglass the whole thing. If all goes well I may make molds then build the entire project out of fiberglass... no wood! But that’s down the road.
Here is the start!IMG_5240.JPG

The old system started with a file cabinet and some plywood. It served me well but it is time for something more custom!

Time to gut the interior!

All cleaned up and ready to get to work!


Trying a couple ideas out


My first thought was to have a drawer full with that used the angle of the opening

It did not work like I hoped, The angle makes it very difficult to access behind it

Builder of Jeep stuff
Now time for the main box for the fridge and drawers.


There is going to be 2-3 drawers on the right side, then I am going to build a pullout shelf across the top!



So I decided to redo the front box and made it square. My thinking is like a basement in an RV, I am planning on making a full length drawer that can be accessed from either side push-pull
IMG_5250.JPG IMG_5258.JPG

Now I think I will add this shelf with a hinge to give access below

Pretty good start for the 1st day! still a ton to do. once it is all built I am going to blow it all apart and cut/ drill holes in it to loose weight.
Then a couple coats of fiberglass resin and couple layers of mat.

My hope is that the storage system empty will weigh about the same or less than the back seat and hardware I removed!

Builder of Jeep stuff
I made a lot of progress on the rear compartment yesterday!
I went with 24” roller bearing slides and made 3 drawers. 8”,6” and a 3” the fridge slide is 31” so I put a shelf and a couple openings behind the drawers.


Builder of Jeep stuff
Still a lot of fine tuning to do. Then I am planning on going crazy with a hole saw and cut out as much weight as possible.

So far I am very happy with how it is turning out. Very low profile and the weight was not to bad for what it is. Still have a couple more tricks I want to try, stay tuned!

Builder of Jeep stuff
Fabrication is done!

Been cutting and drilling like crazy!


I decided to drill holes in the sides instead of completely opening then up so I can pile gear along the outside


Mid shelf will have a hing along the front to gain access below


Top shelf complete went with 3 slides to carry the load