Project JKURV

I made a couple brackets to secure the front to the floor using studs for the back seat.

I am still looking for an attachment point for the rear however it is very solid as is.


So here is what I came up with for weights.

My old storage cabinet weighed 65 lbs not including the refrigerator or it’s slide. That was a cheap file cabinet and a piece of 1/2” plywood.

I removed the rear seat, carpet, seat belts, bolts and misc stuff for a total of 124 lbs for a grand total of -189 lbs

The “basement” box and shelf is 42lbs
The complete rear storage is 91lbs
Not including the fridge or slide
That’s a grand total of 133 lbs

For me that’s a net weight savings of 56 lbs!

Mission accomplished!

Everyone’s needs are different but this was a huge benefit for me because the back seat was never used and just took up valuable space and weight.
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I really like this it turned out great. Those look like regular slides, how are the drawers locked in so they don't bounce open when driving?

I counter sunk and glued the magnets into the drawers. And mounted the strikers on the back of the cabinet.
I will have to get some miles on them to see if they will be strong enough but they seem to hold pretty well!


I had a chance to get to wire the back of the Jeep for power and lights!


I used a Anderson plug that is direct to the battery with a 30Amp fuse.


Then I added a light to the glass with a touch switch and another USB power point up in the sleeping area!


then a couple LED strip lights in the cubby and under the rear of the cabinet for some "mood light"