pros/cons? G55 2003-2004 vs G55K 2005+ vs non 55


Der Chef der Fahrzeuge
I think maybe I'm being a little silly whining so much about the 55. It's probably not "necessary" at all unless it's somehow built "better". I do like the symmetry of the dual exhaust though.

I think the reason I initially figured we'd go with a 55 at some point was due to making it "the" travel vehicle rather than just a toy for me. Basically having a "nice" suv for all around that doubles as an overland/camping 4x4.

We should go check out some 500's. Maybe we can see a cool red one in Portland? ;)
Why not sell your Rover's and just have one ultimate overlander in the G(500 or 55)? :)

Let's do it. We could tour in my slug if you don't mind going slow. :smiley_drive:


I have been casually looking for a G500/55/55k for a while and the one thing that stuck out to me was that the premium for a G55 (even 05/06) over a G500 is not much at all in the used market. There is a low miles one nearby, but I have not been out to see it. I missed an 05 G55 grand with 43k for 50k by a day.

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