Proud new owner of this 300GD


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I'd like to think so!

Is that a Hannibal awning? I'm not sure how I'm going to mount my Airtop and Hannibal awning. Could use some suggestions.

I sent you a PM. Let's get grab a beer/coffee and chat.

Looks like this truck went to the right guy. I love that kind of back country. Cheers.


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excellent...congratulations! If you have the time, could you post a description and/or photos of the soundproofing? Thanks!


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The best finds never come on the market. That was the case with mine.

Craigslist and forums like this. Before buying from a dealership look up the google and yelp reviews to see what their reputation is. Other peoples reviews can save you a lot of time and money.


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The two saddle bag tanks are 3.5 gallons each for a total of 7 gallons. The main tank is 19.8 gallons so total fuel capacity for all three tanks is 26.8 gallons.