Proud new owner of this 300GD

The two saddle bag tanks are 3.5 gallons each for a total of 7 gallons. The main tank is 19.8 gallons so total fuel capacity for all three tanks is 26.8 gallons.
What kind of range will that net you? Also, what does the safari roof entail? Does it allow heavy loads?



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The range is 369 miles. 19.2 mpg at best. Not as great as you’d expect but it’s a heavy truck with a 4 speed auto. The safari roof is a double roof with air space in between much like the old Land Rover series safari roofs except it doesn’t have the interior ventilation hatches in the inside like the Land Rover version has. It’s basically a sun shield or a primitive air conditioning intended to cool the cabin.
Congratulations, that's a beautiful find!

Just curious, do you have an independent shop you'll be having your G serviced at in Portland?


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Great looking G and photos on your Instagram account. Any chance you could share the tire size? The truck's stance looks great. Does it have to the 300GD motor? How does she pull in the mountains?

Thanks and it's a great looking vehicle.