Pulled the trigger


Just a short note to make a correction to my previous post.

We spent a week at 4500m to 5000m and I eventually got the knack of getting the Eberspacher fired up.

You must start it on its minimum settings and even then I think it ran on about 30 % of this power, maybe 800 to 900 watts.

Being below minus 20 once it fired up , which took about 5 goes, we left it running all night and it was enough to keep the cabin and the engine warm.

I now have a bit more confidence in it at altitude if this helps your choices.



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Thanks Neil,

I think the Webasto has an altitude adjustment capability, I recall observing this when deciding on this option although I can't see it on the data sheet now.

Whilst I don't currently envisage us going that high, it makes sense to make sure it's possible!