Pulling over onto the shoulder - one thing we hate doing.

I saw this on another site, the couple pulled over onto the side of the road to let other vehicles pass, and then the ground gave way beneath them.

It is one of our fears as well, I know how soft the shoulders on roads are, they are seldom compacted and act as a drain, add to water and you just have mud. Just putting your wheel off the compacted surface and you could end up like this.

They are both OK, minor bruises and I hope they are able to get their truck up and running again. It is a MB 1017. Not sure if they were on this forum, but I recognise the truck.

This give a better view of the angle.

The road was narrow, and they pulled over to let other cars past. YOu can see the tyre track on the right of how far off the compacted surface they were.



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I just read their blog and I didn't at first realize that the roll over occurred while they were STOPPED!

It did not give any information yet on the vehicle condition or its recovery...
Strike me flamin pink! ....
That is a bit of bad luck...
Good they were all ok....
I recon they may be lucky with all the rain there might not be to much damage to the truck.....

Hope all goes well and they are back on the road in no time....

Cheers Fugly


Ups....bad luck....the road has a curve on the Edge ....not nice , very dangerous...but If they both are ok , for the truck everything can be solve
I'm sure glad that they are ok.

That's a good warning to us all. It's a mistake I can imagine making myself, too. I will certainly be more mindful of pulling over onto the shoulder of the road now.

Oh suck!
I glad they are okay and I really hope they get the rig back on it's wheels and there is no major damage.
That's something I'm going to remember for a long time.

Best wishes are being sent their way.


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Wow, glad they are okay and hopefully no major damage.

Unfortunately, this was a rookie mistake (I mean no I'll will) probably exacerbated by someone tailgating and the emotional pressure to get out of the way. That rig is heavy! Pulling over simply to let someone with a bee in their pants go by when the shoulder looks even questionable is simply wrong. This looks like a combination of errors that cascaded into a bad end result that should be a lesson for all, particularly big, top heavy, overlanders. Again, glad to hear all were okay.
Good new is that they are back on the road again -

They also realised that leaving the truck upside down would be a problem, so they pulled the injectors and turned it over to get the oil out.

Overall, not that much damage.


Wow, there would have been a real mixed bag of emotions for Neil and partner. It just show's that these things happen when least expecting it. It's also amazing how little damage there was. Testament to a well built body. Glad to see it back on its wheels with relative ease, and hope that that 'temporary' axle U bolt has been replaced! :)
Awesome news! :wings:
My faith in humanity is greatly restored. I'm also really glad that there wasn't more serious damage top the truck.
So next question, where does one get a Perry? :)