Question about camping in African game parks/national parks


For those of you who've done overland trips in Africa, how safe is it to tow a caravan/tent trailer and leave it at your game park or national park campsite while you're out in the tow vehicle exploring during the day? Are you asking to have your trailer broken into or stolen, or am I being paranoid? It's quite possible the risk is no greater than anywhere else, but I just don't know.


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We don't take a trailer so this is not personal experience; however, I think it depends where you are. I wouldn't leave things out in cities (Cairo or Algiers for example) - cities present a different risk profile, however the question is for "game park or national park campsite".

Our experience is that most of Africa outside cities (haven't been everywhere, more or less obviously) is relatively safe. In most national parks you shouldn't have a problem. I would put tables/chairs/etc., into your trailer when out and about, and lock it if you can, however it wouldn't worry me to leave the trailer in a formal campsite. We've seen lots of people leave tents and trailes for a day and haven't heard of any losses.

Christian P.

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Inside the park you should not have any issue. Many South African towed caravans and trailers everywhere.

Inside the cities, you are usually park inside of a compound. Often times people leaves their vehicles there and use local taxis, so your trailer won't be any different than other cars.

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