Questions for anyone running the ICON rear add-a-leaf


Truck camping Infidel
I noticed on my last trip that my rear is starting to sag a lot with all the extra mass I've added. Also, the truck springs are sagging too :) I want to add a full set of custom springs to better hold the weight, but I spent all my extra cash on booze and guns, so I can either wait another year or just put an add-a-leaf in.

ICON said you can use the add-a-leaf without removing the stock overload leaf to gain extra capacity. Has anyone done this? What are your observations? How much did that lift your rear over stock height? Any observations on the handling characteristics when the truck is empty?

Right now I am running ICON front coils and rear ICON resevoir shocks with TSB springs. The weight in the bed for trips is an all-pro bed rack, custom fuel can and tool rack, 2 fuel cans, 2 water cans, ARB RTT, tool bag, recovery bag, and camping gear. All told I estimate 400-500 pounds extra load.