R50 ST Pathfinder roof tray

Hi all

I currenty have a 01 R50 pathfinder and my build has come to a screaching halt. I'm trying to mount a tray to my pathy but I need a set of roof racks, problem is, I dont have rails or runners. I only have 6 fixed mounting points for the rola sports style bars. I would like to know what sort of setup other people have used. I have heard of some people using steel tubing to make a rail setup, but no pics avaiable. Would anyone be able to point us in the right direction.

Sydney Aus
I too have a R50 and have been trying to find as much information on these things. Such a sweet/affordable platform, I don't know why they aren't more popular here in the US. I see you are in Australia I am jealous of the aftermarket support that you have over there. Post some pictures!

Anyway, in my searches I have seen that most people who want to add a roof rack pull the factory runners off of a Pathfinder that is in a scrap yard. Then they find a bolt that fits into the factory rails and attach the bracket for the rack directly to the bolt. This way it keeps a lower profile for the rack.
Hey Gibby
Yeah they're heaps of them around down here. Just so reliable. It's the same problem here, not many aftermarket options. I'm want to get a bullbar but pretty much only have 3 choices. I'll get back to you with some pics, tried uploading from my phone and won't let me do it.