Ram 5500 is here


West slope, N. Ser. Nev.
Looks good. multi leaf spring pack; single secondary spring; Shackle hang reversal from the factory makes for a more stable truck.
What are you going to put on the frame in place of that spare tire? Is this 4WD? Diesel? How many gallons between the two tanks?


9.4 ft CM steel bed is scheduled to be installed Monday. 4WD and diesel. 52 gal rear, 22 gal mid. 74 total. I drove it 15 miles home last night in pouring rain and put it in the garage. I think it's going to work well for us.


Here is the truck yesterday after the bed was installed. I had an extra 7 pin installed up front for the camper. I test fit the mammoth last night. Looking good so far. Insurance companies don't like these trucks. USAA told me to pound salt. SO after 32 years I'm done with them. Suggestions appreciated. I'm loving the truck so far. I have started looking at tool boxes for under and above the bed.


Ours (granted it's a 4500) wasn't hard to insure at all, our agent didn't even bat an eye. The state of Maine, however, nicked me pretty hefty for a commercial plate due to the GVWR.


I had no problem at state farm. They handle all my real estate. USAA didn't want it. No idea why. On truck now and ready to go friday. Can't wait.
Sweet looking setup. I think the RAM platform is best for that application. Have you weighed in at the scaled yet with the camper on the back?