Ram 5500 is here


Congrats! How does it drive/handle vs the 3500? I have the same rig and camper and I am considering the upgrade.


My 3500 handles the camper but I was at the edge of where I wanted to be. I never filled the water tank and was very careful about loading stuff. I didn't like that. Now I can fill the tanks and load whatever and not worry. I am attaching 2 48 inch DEEZEE tool boxes to each side for more storage. This set up is capable of doing what I wanted to do and is way under all of my stock specs, GVW, axle and tire ratings. It is 12 feet 6 inches to the top of the AC unit.


Insurance companies don't like these trucks. USAA told me to pound salt. SO after 32 years I'm done with them. Suggestions appreciated.
For many years when I owned my Ram / Lance TC combo I had Geico. The premium amount was reasonable.


I can change my custom title now!!
Nice truck. Nice setup. I am pretty happy with my Ram 1500... though a VERY different animal, they are still related and have similar DNA. These trucks look great, I actually wanted a 2500 but couldn't find one.


I went with 4.44 gears. These were standard. I could have gotten 4.88 or 4.10 I almost went with 4.10 but did not because I just didn't think they would be as good as the 4.44


One shot

Be interested in your impression of the truck and camper quality so far, road conditions you've been on and how it handles, comfort, and anything else you care to share.


We really like both. The camper has been great. Had 1 issue with bath door and it was fixed asap. Led light thru out etc. It is prob to big for most on here. But for us it is as small as we would ever go. We just can't travel in to small of a rig. I don't have any issues with people that do, we just can't and be comfortable. The rig is set up for serious boon docking. This is our 8th RV. We have been doing it a long time. Camper carries 65 gal of water etc. Quality has been excellent.

The Ram has been awesome. I have had others and this one is great. Way more power than I need and it handles the camper very well. Almost no sway and is stable all the time. Truck is stock in the suspension dept. Buckstop bumper and winch going on soon. They are here I just need time to install, lights also. I normally drive around 68 on the interstate, no issues. I have been past 70mph plus, but I don't do it often. I live in the country, always have, we have 175 acres. Driving on dirt or gravel roads is normal for me.
I have driven my SRT 8 Charger thru fields. Also drove all my motorhomes thru fields and dirt roads all the time. I did get my 40 foot DP stuck in a mud hole one time. Pulled it out with my dump truck no problem. Another time my wife really got it stuck, that took some doing to get it out.

I have had this combo on a ton of dirt roads and thru the woods and fields. I don't have a problem scraping a few tree branches against it. I normally don't need 4x4 unless I'm going low range to go very slow for off camber situations. I do run good aggressive tread tires on it. I have a lot of experience driving cars off road so a 6x6 truck is pretty easy.
This combo has been very comfortable for us. It gets us where we want to go and works very well.


That's interesting. I use USAA exclusively. They insure even my custom builds. Never a question. Must be something about your rig they don't like.