Ram Trucks RT25 Supertourer


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I love that RAM is getting such love. I personally really like my Ford. I am considering a superduty for my next truck, especially with the 7.3 gasser if it turns out to be good. I might switch over to RAM just due to the aftermarket. An AEV prospector combined with the PCOR back...I would be in love...


I knew it is out of my price range,I didn't realize how far out it is.
I would like to see something like that, but with a wedge pop up camper.

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This thing is cool.

But you know what I learned from that video...that the Ram HD is only 1" wider than a new Land Cruiser. Wow.


Looks like the left hand drive conversion adds quite a bit of cost to the whole thing.

A base Laramie without bucket seats up front is around 55k with a Cummins.

Add the cost of the PCOR at 35k.

Then a lift, bumpers, and tires at, and I’m being generous here because BDS is bro dozer junk, 10k.

You’re right at 100k USD or 140k AUS.

Tack labor and a few other things and I don’t see how they are charging over 160k AUD unless the conversion and import tax is just crazy expensive.

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