Random dog shots


Chewie at 9 weeks when we got him. The house is for our Chihuahu/Cavalier Spaniel rescue, Phoebe. Chewie didn't fit in there for long. :)

CJI_7221.jpg puppies1.jpg

Six months old at the beach, soaking up the rays.


My Uncle's Golden, Taylor. Can't keep him out of the pool when he visits.


Ovrlnd Rd

My new shadow. His mother was a Red Heeler and his father an Australian Shepard. I would have preferred more of the ACD markings of a Heeler but he was a rescue so not much choice in the matter.



Ichabod Crane, our 2 year old Catahoula. He has certainly been a handful, has cost his fair share for good training, is unlike any other dog breed I have ever come across in my entire life, and I wouldn't change him for a thing. we brought him into our home as a companion and protector for our deaf BC Husky mix Molly. She was so very timid prior to his arrival, and now they play and go on like no other. He is, without question, her Sheepdog. Nothing in the world would get to her, I am sure of that. If she is out in the yard, we will send Ichabod out and tell him "go get Molly", and he will run out tap into her with his nose to get her attention, and bring her back inside.

Molly, our 4 year old deaf Border Collie Husky mix. She is our princess, and is an amazingly intuned pooch. When we adopted her from our local rescue, we were hesitant and worried of what it would mean bringing a deaf dog into our home. 3+ years later, and I'd have to say that I have absolutely no regrets. She is simply a fantastic dog, has learned hand signals, never strays to far, and loves to snuggle.



Newfies in the snow

A little snow today, my newfs still don't like me taking pictures of them - "you said we were going for a walk......."

Sisters and 19 months old.



Cherie (3 year old Lab) with his new favorite toy.


My son's, girlfriend's 14 week old Terrier/ Pug puppy, LillyBean.