Random dog shots

My main dude, Bentley Bartholomew. 14 year old Akita/Malamute.

The trouble maker, Lana Banana (wife named her). 8 year old Siberian/Wolf Hybrid

My adventure dog, Sadie Anne. 5 year old Belgian Shepherd.

No camping pictures of Sadie as I’m on my iPad right now. Might take her out this weekend.

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Lucky j

Well, scince this is a dog tread, here is Kaliska, my 7 years old female malamuth and ... My no name GF at the Cape Breton highland national park, Nova Scotia. My GF bichon does not travel wth us on vacation. They are very good friends (the dogs) but the little one does not travel well.


Brandy is kinda special to me. She's not just a family pet. She's my PTSD & TBI service dog. Normally she's at work and vested up like in this shot outside my niece's wedding. I sometimes forget she what she looks like without it.

That shot of her with the tennis ball was taken at my in-laws the other night while playing, and waiting for supper. Somehow, everything came out right for a camera phone shot, and I really like it. I made a National Dog Day poster out of it. National Dog Day is still almost 4 months out, (Aug 26th) but I'd like to ask everyone to share it on every medium they are on with the words "National Dog Day". I think it would be cool if come Aug, people search "National Dog Day" and Brandy's photo comes up in the results. Thanks.