Random dog shots


Chuckles is perhaps the most attractive bulldog I've ever seen! He's stunning!

And I love your two surf dogs...


Rob O

Ranger Danger ...

The newest member of our family ... Ranger, a 10-week old purebred male Yellow Lab. Picked him up Friday (before leaving for Vegas for the weekend) and am now enjoying having a new photography subject. :) More to come.


Tucson T4R

Expedition Leader
Roxy being introduced to cows for her first time. She later figured out she could get in control and herd them around. It just took her a while to pull up her genetic backgound. :elkgrin:



Expedition Leader

Guinness, the Austrailian Shepard got named for being "black and tan".

Foster, the wolf hybrid got named after escaping from my Jeep at 8 weeks old and picked up by the cops with no tags. We picked the first random name on the list to put on a tag so that we would not lose him agian.

edit....puppy Foster.



Tobe. Stupid dog will NOT hold still long enough for a photo but I waited till someone else was walking a dog to snag his attention :D

Heading to camp