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Figured I'd share! Winding back road, great weather, and a new truck. Perfect combo for a perfect day.

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Thanks, this was the Blood Moon and also at the time of the Eclipse so its the one time to capture a Milky Way and a Full Moon on the same night


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Crazy Schooner, such a cool looking truck. Throw a light bar up there and it would be the spitting image of one of my most favorite boyhood toys:
Stomper 4x4 !

Crazy Schooner

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Thanks. I already ran a light bar up top before I decided to turn the truck into something more useful. Here is a picture from last fall when I stripping the chrome off the grille for paint.




Couple of pics of my old Suzuki. Great little truck, front Air Locker (first ARB locker for a Suzuki did R&D for them) rear LA Locker, 34" Swampers, 80:1 low range. Thing was near unstoppable, never should have sold it