Random shots


Thornton Melon's Kid
Yeah, the clean-up seems to be never ending. As I'm typing this, the wife is yelling "This will be the 100th time I've mopped this floor, and mud keeps coming out of the grout!!??"
Words of wisdom and experience: Never refer to a wife as "Old Yeller" when she does that. It wins 0 points with her.


Went out camping and hiking this weekend, and got to really use the D750 for the first time since getting it last week. Just posting some favorites. Got plenty more on flickr.



it's been awhile...

not "expo" related, but certainly from a ton of travel our assignment in Germany has afforded us...

starting with some shots from a Baltic Sea cruise..



from the Furksa Pass, Oberwald, Switzerland

4WD for this trip ;)

rain forecasted for my day in the Oberwald so I woke up early in the hope of catching some decent weather and, perhaps, cloud-based drama on the pass, and wasn't disappointed

alpine driving.. world class