Rare Falcon 190 PSD aka “white buffalo”


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Hey everyone, I am new here!

The ink is drying on what I believe is an ultra rare truck. The 1995 intervec falcon 190 full self contained class B Camper van, this one was built on a 7.3 diesel platform that the original owner picked up from fords factory and personally delivered to intervec to do the conversion.

The single owner rig was shipped to Europe for a 2 year adventure & shipped back stateside. The owner said they never even slept In it. Inside is a time capsule. The rig has 200k on the motor & about 30 hours on the genset. This model has the rear dinette & mid kitchen/ bathroom option.

The Objective for this build is for my wife and I to be able to take ourselves & our dogs on more trips while having the capability & space to work remotely. We both (including our dogs) love the outdoors and we both enjoy snowboarding. We live in San Diego and also look forward to working while parked at the beach etc. We own a farm/ major project house & finally got a few major milestones completed so this will be our next focus/ planning effort.

Major components of the build.
new AT tires to hold us over this winter
Exterior to be inspected & fully sealed
Interior sink, shower & toilet/ valves to be inspected, repaired & resealed
Test run/ burn in on all RV components.. repair as needed.
Carpet to be pulled and replaced with commercial grade rubber flooring.

Next summer
Bumpers, custom nerf bars, ladder, 4x4 conversion.. assuming 33 or 35” tires. Seats to be recovered with dog friendly material. cabinets & wood paneling to be painted white. Vinyl partial wrap, Starlink, desk terminal buildouts.


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Nice find, post up some interior pics!
Here are a few… lots of work going on with the rig.. just installed some stock size BFG k02’s!


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