Real MPGs for your rig?

I'd like to know just what kind of miles per gallon you all are getting out of your expedition vehicle? Please put in the model, year, type and maybe even engine size/#cylinders. (I'd love to do a poll, but it would be comparing so many different apples, oranges and fig newtons, it wouldn't be relevant.)

I'll start: I've got a 1989 Toyota van 2WD LE, gasoline, 4 cyl, and I get 21-22mpg in town and 24-5 or so on a long highway trip.

What about you?


02 E350 V10 Traveler 2wd 105k miles
265/75R16 Mud Terrain Tires
5 Star tuner/K&N Air cleaner

9 in the city
13 on the highway
10 towing
Speed doesn't matter for any of these numbers, it gets what it gets.



Expedition Leader
2010 2.5L CVT Subaru OB our trip this week was with the 4x6 lifetime tent trailer + two parents bikes on the roof in fork mounts with 30inch wide 7ft long roof box between the bikes on 54inch bars + two kids our trip average was 19.5mpg. Similar trips without the bikes on the lid we saw 21-22mpg. No roof rack gear or trailer we typically see trip averages of 28-32mpg. Around town we get 23-24mpg.

2007 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4.7L (stock sized BFG Rugged Terrains) our trip this summer over a 9000ft pass with 14-26% grades pulling the LifeTime Tent Trailer 5 passengers and gear we were averaging 14mpg for the trip. No trailer road trips we typically get 17mpg.

Just for the hell of it Grandpas 2005 SLK350 which the wife and I are taking next week on a two day trip we typically see 28-30mpg averages as long as we keep it under 85mph.

The old 93 Land Cruiser we never got better than 13mpg and the worst was 10mpg didn't matter what we were hauling or towing that was what we got with 285 BFG's on it.


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97 E350 Crestline 'New Era' Ambulance 7.3 PSD. 8500 lbs empty. 'Stock', street tires, LSD, 4.11, 2WD, Dually, type III

13 combined city/highway mpg (US)
15-16 mpg highway

Best highway run through the mountains in a snowstorm... 100miles....

22 mpg
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2014 Jeep Unlimited
6 spd 4.10 gears
2.5 lift with 35's
17-18 mpg no trailer
15-16 w/ manley trailer

coming back from AZ, driving thru AZ and New mexico with trailer 19.8, don't know how that happened, only thing I can contribute it to is altitude? The computer, but also hand calculated and it is right on.

'79 Ford E350 2wd extended with high top
460 with C6 automatic
10 to 13 mpg depending on fuel blend (winter/summer), and alcohol content.
As long as I keep it around 65 fuel consumption is reasonable and 50 gallons of fuel keep stops to a minimum.
1995 Sportsmobile Quigley (4wd) E350, 7.5l 460 gas engine


towing - 10
flying - 10
idling - 10
wheeling - 10
highway at 55 - 10
highway at 85 - 10
towing 10k lbs - 10
towing nothing - 10
city driving - 10
climbing - 10
coasting downhill - 10

Haha. Nice!! That sounds about right.

I'm at around 12 mpg
1995 7.3 PSD
quigley 4x4 mini-mod ambo box