Receiver Hitch Jerry can holder?


Has anyone built a carrier for either a pair of 5 gal. gas cans or a spare tire that would fit into there reciever hitch. I realize this wouldn't be the most practicle way to carry these items and maybe a bit of a headache to get into the rear of my rig (fold down option?) But we are planning a multi day trip in about a month. I don't have the money for a new rear bumper with swing out accessories and I really don't care to carry fuel inside my cab.
I built one a while back and it worked great.. It was for a friend of mine and he didn't have any issues.. though we did modify it later and made it a beast but it worked well.. all you really need is some 2 inch square tube and get it to come up at least on a 45deg angle as soon as you can from the hitch.. then a T section at the top to bolt the Jerry can holder onto it :)... Jerry cans leak when they are layed down (unless you use Nato cans) so a fold down hinge is a bad idea...
Sorry no pictures :(


unless I put in a scissor hing that keeps the cans upright. Pull a pin at the top and the bottom and swing it down. See some of the bike carriers on the market.
Looking for pictures if anyone has some.


I thought about building a bracket onto my thule rack with the fold down 45 deg option. Thule also makes a swing away carrier.

I decided against bringing Fuel on that trip after doing some calculations. My longest portion without gas available was the White Rim trail and I calculated it would take 3/4 tank of gas. It made the wife nervous but the numbers held up and we did make it back to town with 1/4 tank.

If you don't have the right setup its probably safer to run out of gas.


I was thinking of getting one of those fold up gear baskets.

I have two Scepter fuel cans and a Scepter water can, and they don't leak, so flipping down is not a problem.

Problem was departure angle on ALL of the ones I saw, they all want to extend some distance before flipping up, thus extending my length by 4 to 6 inches.

A custom designed one would be cool, one that flipped down in a different manner.

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