Recomendations on a good 3/4 length 3 season touring jacket?

Nobody has mentioned it, and it's way off the reservation for the budget you are looking for, but Motoport is hands down the the best made. I'm 5.5 years in with mine and somewhere over 50k miles (and even a snow board trip in the Alps) and although the "high viz" is more like baby poop green now, the suit is perfect. The mesh Kevlar is the business and I've done temps from 110F to just below 20F and been in good shape for distances at both ends of that range.
I have a 10 year old 100,000+ mile Aerostich Darrien jacket.Completely water proof ( I live in SEATTLE and ride everyday ).I wash and treat it 2 times a year and I'm good to go.IF it ever wears out a new Darrien will be ordered without a second thought !!!.

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This is a pretty old thread but still relevant to anyone looking for info on gear.

The OP specifically was looking for $300 or less.

Tourmaster Transition 3 is a fantastic jacket with tons of features like removable liner, vents all over, Water Proof (as if),, and removable armor. I had one of these for a while in the Hi-Viz but got rid of it because I didn't like feeling like a popsicle. I really liked this jacket for the price point and features.

I ended up with a Coretech Accelerator 2 (made by Tourmaster) That is also full of nice features similar to the Transition. I've been wearing this jacket for a few years and it has served me well. I think I need to wash it though because it's pretty trashed from all the off pavement riding. It's a discontinued model though.

I can only talk about the stuff I've worn. I don't totally agree that you have to spend a lot to get a decent jacket.

This is a picture of my Coretech. I like how the front pockets come off to expose nice big vents.
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+1 for the Tourmaster Transition jacket. Like any three season jacket its a little warm in the summer and a little cool in the winter, but I have no problem wearing it anytime I ride. I've had mine for about five years now and other than some mud stains on the back, it is still in great shape and has no wear or tear. I've had two spills, one in a field and another climbing rocks.

Prior to that, the wife and I both tested our Tourmaster jackets rather thoroughly. A car ran into us from the side and threw the wife over me onto the windshield of the car and 20 ft through the air. She got new pads and the rest of her Tourmaster jacket is still wearable. Mine got cut off of me, but it did the job well. I'm happy to keep buying Tourmaster.
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I started a similar thread on ADV. I ended up with the First Gear Kathmandu. Honestly the first jacket I really liked, then I started looking at the Klim and similar stuff and ended up back at the Kathmandu. I must say I and very pleased with it. Quality kit and I didn't have to sell a bike to be able to afford it.
Love my ol trusty Olympic AST...... Run a lighter jacket in the summer months. But the ol AST is always a winner. Even in the summer its not bad with all the vents open.