Recommendations for rubber boots?


Muck boots. They are great. I carry a pair every time I go camping, they are very comfortable.
Yup. These are big in South Carolina. I have the 'Chore Hi Cool' which are insulated. My dad bought a pair of Bog boots which look similar but fit him a little better. Life savor at Overland Expo East. I can't think of a scenario where I would travel without my Muck's now. I also opted to leave my traditional high ankle hiking boots at home and went with a sneaker style waterproof hiker which doubled as a camp shoe.

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I have almost worn out my first pair of Muck boots and will be buying another. They have lasted for more hunting seasons then anything else I have tried. I have walked miles in them without blisters and they don't crack like rubber boots. The only thing that has hurt mine are thorns. They always go with me in the truck.


I guide in my Muck Chore Highs early and late season. Add a Superfeet insole and they are comfortble to hike steep terrain also.
Love my Muck's.


Walmart. Seriously. I got a pair of green-patch steeltoe ones for like $20 there. Knee high, steel-toe and shank, standard issue black rubber boots. What more do you need? They`re not too heavy, they dont leak, and they can take an impact. I`m happy.


Xtratufs got outsourced to China a few years back. Honeywell decided it was cheaper to pack up the whole factory and offshore it than it was to update the existing facility and keep folks working stateside. They suffered MAJOR issues with QC after the move abroad. Supposedly they have been ironed out, but suffered major reputation damage as a result of the move and the subsequent issues with the product. I use to wear them religiously and have switched over to Le Chameau. Make sure they are French made!

I wish there was still a US based manufacturer that made a quality and affordable rubber boot!

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Sounds like xtratuf and mucks are made by the same people, Honeywell. I use mucks and get them for my employees. They meet my needs.