Recommended mechanic Boulder, CO area, anyone? And - LR4 ownership after 100k miles...

I'm looking for an alternative to the dealer. Any recommendations out there?

On another note - anyone have any thoughts/experiences with a 2010 LR4 with 100,000+ miles? My extended warranty just expired and now wondering if I should keep or sell. Thus far its been an excellent and reliable vehicle during the 80k miles I've owned it.

Change the engine oil a little more frequently than the factory interval, there is a known sludge issue around the timing case on the 5.0 that can be alleviated by this.

When you get to 85k change the oils in the differentials, transfer box, have the transmission fluid/pan/filter changed (LR says fluid is lifetime or 150k depending on who you talk to, but ZF says 75k IIRC). Consider having this service done at a dealer, it may save you from a poor job on a critical service (really this should have been done under warranty when you were approaching 80,000, but since you didn't hit 85,000 maybe they wouldn't do it anyway).

At the same time buy a spare PCV and either swap the new part on or keep it in the car for later, same goes with a spare thermostat. I don't know if that cooling system has the same design as the earlier 4.4 it is based off of, but consider replacing the bleeder screw (t shaped grey plastic piece on top of the motor with a silver hex cap, with a simple brass barbed fitting (the part is not needed for engine service or coolant bleed)). In the case you keep the factory part have a spare on you as well. You may also plan on spark plugs for a future interval (maybe 100k?), but many motors have gone to 200k+ without it. All of these are good insurance on future issues.

You may have air suspension issues but maybe not, not the end of the world at all.

All around, these vehicles age fairly well. None of these issues are present in every single car, and most are very easy to rectify/prevent.
I haven't lived in Boulder in 15 years, but JC Rover 4x4 was the spot (down in Centennial).

There used to be a little Rover shop off of Arapahoe (and 15th? something like that) -- place was pretty grungy tho.