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For the past year we have dedicated ourselves to building our ideal expedition truck. While we would absolutely love to keep this truck, it's not feasible at this time. IMG_7602.jpgIMG_7686.jpg
The truck is a 1999 BAE Systems M1088A1 with 4500 miles.
The engine, transmission, axels and drivelines were re-manufactured in 2010.
The chassis has gone through a complete overhaul including new fluids throughout, paint, auxiliary lighting systems, new tires, roof rack, interior sound deadening, insulation, paneling, air ride seats, stereo system. Air conditioning System is a work in progress. I have upgraded the fuel tank to a 150 gallon capacity and included two custom storage boxes. I designed, fabricated and tested the four point torsion isolating subframe and mounted a 16' fiberglass composite habitation box from Total Composites and outfitted with Outbound windows, hatches and entry door. The truck is ready to be finished and travel the world. The price for the truck is $160,000

Reduced Price: $110,000

Located in Olympia, WA

If interested, feel free to email me at

The build feed is here
And the Instagram build feed here
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Someone will get a very very nice expedition truck for the fraction of a typical truck of this scale! Good luck Quade.


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We just bought property in Washington and we need to build a big shop. Hopefully we'll get a chance to build another one soon! We wanna travel the world!


I've seen Quade's truck in person and it is absolutely gorgeous. It looks much better than a new truck IMO. Only 4500 miles and overhauled during those miles! Quade's workmanship is out of this world. All of his welds are 'roll of nickels' quality. He is a true master (not a weld and grind it to look good guy). His subframe is a work of art. I went up to Sandy to help assemble his cabin (and pick-up my Total Composite 'kit") and I am extremely impressed the Total Composite panels and extrusions. It not only makes an 'easy' build to brick house strong, while being light.
Someone is going to get a wonderful truck and cabin they can outfit (or have outfitted) to their like.
Best of luck with the sale.


Adventure Truck Builder
interior pictures of total composites box


While entertaining quite a few inquiries on the truck and coordinating showings, i thought id provide a few photos of the box interior. the habitation box is ready to fit all system components. let me know if you have any questions.