REI needs a camper for a photo shoot in the LA area


REI is heading to LA in a few weeks for a photo/film shoot.
We are in need of a prop car for one of our shots.
Hoping you , or someone you know in the area , may have a vehicle we could use for the shoot.
Insurance will be provided.

Back story: REI sponsored a documentary on overland camping in which they used my XPCamper. The documentary has been accepted in a few film festivals. They want to do a follow-up shoot with stills and video in the LA area. Due to work travel commitments i am unable to drive my XP from Boulder to LA for the follow-up shoot. If anyone in this community has a camper or know of someone that can provide a camper per the terms below please respond to Linda directly.

Here are the details:


REI is in the Palmdale area for a photo/film shoot on March 20th and are looking for a prop car to include in the shoot.
Older van ( no Sprinters or Sprinter types) that has a camping conversion - Sleeping platform, kitchen set up, etc.. Does not have to be a super fancy set up, just clean and organized. The van can range from a VW Vanagon to a GMC Safari. Older model preferred. Just need some kind of conversion for sleeping in the back.

Shoot Date : 3/20 approximate timing 6:00am-7:00pm. Timing may be shorter; exact schedule TBD
Due to early call time, we can provide lodging near location the night before the shoot.
Rate: $650/day, plus meals and mileage paid at $.65 per mile to and from location.

  • Van will be used for a camping scene near Palmdale CA.
  • Talent will be in and around vehicle, pulling items out , putting items in as they set up and take down a camp site.
  • Car will mostly be parked, however our talent will be driving it on a remote dirt road on private property ( simulating “arriving”at the campsite) for a short period
  • Insurance provided.
If interested, please send pictures of exterior and interior of the van ( including sleeping area/any buildouts ) to Linda Nordstrom at

Thank you!!

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