Remington 82 Quart WEATHERTIGHT Storage Box on Sale at Amazon

I have one of these. They are weather tight and can be used on a roof rack.
Unfortunately, my dutch oven's "feet" put a hole in the bottom on my last trip.
User error...I needed something under the oven when bombing along the track.
Thanks for the link.
Seems price is now up to $94 now. But what I find odd is that Amazon suggests that people frequently purchased with these with TidePods? Storage for you camping gear and a TidePods for a road snack??? View attachment 498332
Some of those "suggestions" make me scratch my head too....then some times I think maybe it's their AI predicting what I might want, and that scares me even more...."gee, I hope no one sees me buying both of those items together!" Haha.
throw your dirty clothes in an empty tote, drive, change to clean water in the tote, drive. arrive w/ clean jeans.

we're explorers, not savages!
Lets go with yours! This is brilliant by the way, I can think of more than a few routes that the slosh effect would get a load of laundry clean in no time, who needs a spin cycle!