Remote air fitting bracket?

I'm looking for mounting ideas for air stations on front and rear bumpers? I have an ARB dual mounted just don't want to have to open hood.
I drilled some holes in my front and rear bumpers and installed some bulkhead fittings and air couplers. I got the bulkhead fittings from Fleetpride. They call it a frame nipple.

I have recently come to enjoy using a particular coupler. It is made by Coilhose Pneumatics. The coupler is a 5 in 1 type which will accept most of the different common types of male connectors. It has a couple of safety features that I like. It will exhaust all air trapped in the hose before releasing, preventing flying hose and dust. The coupler is also a zero pressure connector, meaning that the air is off till the coupler is locked. It still has the release collar but has another collar behind the first collar that works as a lock and controls the exhaust. Very easy to use one handed.

I prefer to use the 3/8" pipe thread size as it allows more airflow than the 1/4" size.

3/8" thread size:

1/4" thread size:

Go to your local hydraulic shop or tractor supply and get covers to fit over the couplers to protect them from dust and insects.
Yes but how are you going to adapt a coupler to that. I make AN fittings all day long and without an adapter you are not going to mate the two. Now if you find an AN bulkhead fitting that was AN on one end and pipe thread on the other then you would have something. Also remember he has to connect the other side too. What are you going to use? Yes an AN hose barb flare adapter.
FYI the bulkhead fitting concept was never the issue but rather the location and possible bracket was what I was looking to see how others mounted theirs


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Well you want it somewhere where it will be protected from getting sheared off, while also not being in the way. Sticking thru a rear bumper by the plate would be good. Likewise inset inside a front grill using an angle bracket as the mounting location, with just enough protruding to allow you to manipulate the coupling.

I'm intending to add a 3" mandrel bent pipe as a front bumper guard addition to a full brush guard and intend to cap the pipe and have fittings inset in the ends to utilize the pipe as a air tank.