Removing the cab lock handle

Hey guys, I am in the process of stripping the interior out of our MB 1120. The last bit is getting the back interior panel off, which is pretty much there except for getting the cab release handle off. It looks like there is a roll pin and I am assuming I need to tap it out of the handle in order to remove it. Has anyone done this? Really do not want to break things. All this is in preparation for installing Fatmat RattleTrap sound deadening, and various interior updates.
I'll try and take one tomorrow when I am at the truck. It is a black plastic handle about 3" long, with a stainless plate (with an orange sticker) on the wall to stop the movement. I needed to remove the linkage outside in order to see the roll pin at the bottom of the handle.
If its like the NG handles, it takes 30 seconds to remove them and is very easy and simple

I await your picture.

Here is how mine comes out

1 undo and remove the cross head bolt in the centre of the picture

2. Give the handle a good hit in the direction shown. I would probably put a piece of wood between hammer and handle


P_20180624_200934.jpg P_20180624_200957.jpg
Yup, the cab release handle, not the door. Ours is much different than yours. It exits out the back wall and not the floor. Rained today so I did not bother to drive up the the truck today. Will go tomorrow. Pretty sure I need to knock out the roll pin, only problem s the pin will get pushed inside the handle so I can not see if this is correct.
Got back to the truck today and tapped out the roll pin, that was it and the handle came right off. Now the interior is stripped and I am awaiting the shipment of the 3M panel adhesive to patch the holes from the fire truck equipment. Should be here in a day or 2.