Restoring a 1968 siesta hard side pop up camper

Well my brother gave me a fantastic gift for a birthday. Only a few strings attached. It was a 1968 siesta hard side pop up camper. He won it on eBay and it was only 2000 miles round trip from my house. Sounded like a great idea at the time so we were off to have an adventure!
Below is the current picture of it and when we picked it up

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It was in fair worse condition then advertised. Dry rot all over and had been rewired about 4 different times and not a single one of them was done right. So we had to completely gut it down to the studs and even a lot of the framing was ripped out. We have been working on it for almost 6 months now. I live 400 miles away from the project that is in my brothers shop, so that has really slowed its progress down. I drive 14 hours on weekends to work on it 10-12 hours.

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New paneling, every wire replaced, all new plumbing, counters, cushions, mattress, paint, pretty much an new camper at this point.
IMG_6771.JPG IMG_7090.JPG
IMG_6753.JPG 54060221358__AECBA0F9-FCC5-4D25-99BF-94063AC002F1.JPG IMG_7091.JPG IMG_7157.JPG IMG_7158.JPG IMG_7162.JPG IMG_7179.JPG

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Wow, I think I'd have left it sitting and filed a claim with ebay for misrepresentation. Good on you for restoring it though. Gamecocks fan by chance?
Some days it seems like we should have left it in the junk yard. But there are so few left and it was the same model I grew up camping in. So we had to save it in the end. Did it make financial sense? no, but most fun things in life rarely do. Nope not a fan of SC, just like the colors. Its going on my 1990 ford truck that I have had since I was 18 and been restoring it as well. The same logic applies to the truck as the camper. No financial sense but I sure do love it.



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"But there are so few left and it was the same model I grew up camping in."

That's makes perfect sense to me, it's the same reason I've done some of things I've done over the years. (y)