Ridiculous descriptions from sellers


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As mentioned earlier in the thread I like the license plate blocked out with a thumb (or detailing rag), but get an extra kick out of it when they post the VIN.


“Missing knee airbag and right roof airbag, can be easly installed just don't have time for it.
Comes with rebuilt title”


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After around 16 years of scouring the internet for sales ads of Chevy Blazer Chalets and GMC Jimmy Casa Grandes, I've seen a particular pattern on ridiculous claims.


Uh, huh … with the exception of the clearly aftermarket wheels, larger diameter mudder tires, the lift kit, the repaint, aftermarket step bumper, cloth reupholstered seats, aftermarket tow hitch, aftermarket spare tire carrier, aftermarket stereo, aftermarket winch …. etc.

"Has all the original equipment."

Where's the factory-supplied jack and tire irons? Where's the factory spare tire carrier? Where's the factory-applied vinyl stripes?

Then there is one variant I ran across rather recently, which I quote verbatim:

"The interior is absolutely outstanding. Leather is mint."

Uh, no, that particular one actually has original coverings on the seats. Standard issue General Motors vinyl.

"No I don't need help selling it will only answer serious buyers."

Yes, you actually do need help, since you don't have the first clue what you are selling.


Looked through this whole thread and didn't see "It's loaded with upgrades, too many to mention." So you didn't keep track, didn't keep any receipts, or simply don't want to make the effort to let me know what you're selling.

I get putting that in the ad to a degree, since a lot of people seem to not read everything anyway. However, I usually word it along the lines of, "many upgrades and add-ons. Please contact me for a more specific list."

The most serious people will show up in person and ask about it while viewing it.


"Project truck that is close to be completed. Just have to be put back together"

Can be yours for only $15,000 right now on the bay. 😂



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A couple of local online vendors with some apparent vision issues, from last night....

"I have 4 truck tires. I believe they are 18 inches."

"The tires have more tread than the pictures show."

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