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I haven't seen many pic's on the RIP kit, so I figured I'd post some.
Like so many other Quigley owners, in a last ditched attempt to make the van drive the way I always though it should, I decided to shoot Agile Offroad an email and see what they recommended. After a few extremely helpful emails and conversations with them, I decided to get everything they recommended, the whole R.I.P package. There were a few items on the list I was not sure about / wasn't sure if I really needed them, but decided trust their knowledge and go with the whole lot. I can say now that I'm REALLY pleased I did get everything.

To cut to the executive summary as I hate typing, the end result has completely transformed the van's ride, it has really given me far better results than I ever expected. No more excessive body sway, no super harsh front end hits as the suspension bottoms out, no wallowey rear end, no more pussyfutting about over put holes etc. I can't speak highly enough of the end result, it was well worth the money. Since driving to Agile was out of the question, they sent me all the parts for a DIY install, and talked me through the whole install process. John @ Agile made sure I phoned him before I started, gave me the rundown of the install, plus some very helpful hits to make it all go smoothly.

Here are all the parts I received, (I'm sure this will change from van to van).

2 Fox front shocks re valved by Agile
2 Fox rear shocks re valved by Agile (I went with the long travel option, this means cutting off the shock mount extensions Quigley welded onto the OEM mounts)
1 Fox steering stabilizer
2 coil springs
6 leafs. (add 2 leafs to the existing pack and replace 1)
2 Swaybar buchings
2 Swaybar drop mounts
4 Axle U bolts
All the hardware.

Below are the before and after measurements from the suspension travel. I'm expecting a little sag, and may come back and update this.
Front up travel(Before) 2"(After) 3"
Front total travel(Before) 4 3/4"(After) 4 3/4"
Rear up travel(Before) 3 1/8"(After) 5 1/2"
Rear total travel(Before) 8 3/8"(After) 8 3/8"


The only real pain about the whole install was cutting / remove some of Quigley's welds.
  • They welded (well tacked) in the swaybar bushings, so they needed to be cut before removing the old bushings. Problem is there is no room for a grinder, and obviously you'll be there all year with a dremmel. So cut-off wheel and air hammer was my only option with my tools.
  • The rear shock extensions are a real pain in the *** to grind / remove, I really don't recommend doing it as I did with the van on the ground / axle stands. Find a shop with a lift.

Here are a bunch of before and after pic's.


Rear (notice how I now have an arch back in the springs)

Front swaybar and stabilizer

And just for comparison. Here is the old spring and old Bilsteins I had, and the new Agile progressive spring and new Fox.
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Excellent to hear :D

I just need an RIP kit for my Ambo... Probably shouldn't have RIP and Ambo in the same sentence.


Looks good. Thanks for taking the time to do this nice detailed write up. Lowering the rear shock mount seems like a tradeoff. That progressive spring looks like a work of art as I'm sure the shock valving is as well, just cant see it. He he
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Great to hear, I have considered selling my 09 quigley due to the ride. I going to give them a call and see about improving my rig.


My (now sold for other reasons) 1995 SMB Quigley had the Agile RIP kit. I believe I was one of the initial few people who had the kit done.

Needless to say I was like Familyvan, had considered selling the van because of how terrible it rode. And like Sheep Shagger said, was a night/day difference in ride comfort and handling for my van.
Everyone at Agile is great to work with, and I couldn't recommend them or their kit more...

It's nice to see they've got a good package all dialed in now too. The long travel rear shocks are a nice option.


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