Ripcord Wedge Camper Version 1.75


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Ripcord’s Version 1.75 Wedge Camper – Currently on a Gen 2 Short Bed Tacoma.

Direct bold on to Gen 2 Tacoma’s. Gen 3 Tacoma’s will need additional mounting brackets since their bed rail height is taller. Not sure about Gen 1 Tacoma fitment.

I am the third owner of this camper, and bought it for $4,500 exactly as you see the V.1 in the build thread listed below. As you might be able to tell, V.1 was cool, but had some major flaws. The largest changes I made were swapping out the floor and roof to be one piece to stop the leaking and add strength. I have also added some lights down below, carpet in the interior ceiling to help with condensation during winter camping, put in a memory foam mattress pad and had a Neoprene cover made for it, and swapped some of the hardware for stainless steel.

The setup takes about 10 seconds, all three side panels are locking, and the pass through for the RTT area is from within the bed area. This has been my mini-cabin on wheels for the past 8 months, spending a total of about 35 nights in it.

I am extremely hesitant to sell this, but I decided to shift my career focus to better my future at the expense of my time adventuring throughout the country.

I am asking $5,500 for the camper, which is what I’ve spend on the camper and materials.

Here’s some highlighted specs:

·Interior dimensions are 100” x 50”

·Sleeping area is 75” x 50”

·Tent height is 6” when closed

·Weight is 285lbs, foam mattress (if you want it) adds 40lbs

More perspective on the build:

Ripcord V.1 build thread -

Ripcord V.2 build thread -

More details on construction -

My photos -

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Best ways to contact me is email - - or Instagram - nortrab_hoan - and from there I'm happy to share my personal phone number and send additional photos and videos.


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