Ronny Dahl's Trips


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I bet there are quite a few here that watch Ronny's videos.
I subscribed to his site probably last spring or so, as he has lots of tips, and great coverage of adventures in the Australian Outback.

His three latest videos are great, so I will post them.
I am currently watching number three of the Kennedy Range Expedition on my TV in the living room.
Watched the first two when they came out at work before work.
So much better though on my 40" TV :D
Also going to catch part three of X Overlands one today on my TV as well.

If you are not a subscriber to Ronny's channel, hit that subscribe button.


Ed B

It can get expensive watching his trips. After watching the first one I had to order a Weber Q grill. Now working on an Australia trip! Great videos though.


B.S. Goodwrench
That cliff side campsite in episode two is BEAUTIFUL!

Love his rig and he is real transparent as well. I appreciate that,

And if you have a strong enough internet connection and you can stream the HD in 4K, it's simply beautiful! Thing is too that lots of us in the US can only dream of even riding in that rig of his. Let alone driving it all over Western Australia, wow! Maybe one day he will make it to Expo West....

I'd love to see him as a guest overlander if/when Clay and the team head to Australia!
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That would be cool if he can join along with their team if they head over there.
Yes, he has a very nice rig, and he is getting some work done to it, but he has not spilled the beans on it yet.
That thing sounds like a beast when he has it in low when crossing a river or slogging up hill through the mud.
Sounds like a tractor pull :D


B.S. Goodwrench
Yeah, Love his rig...

Thanks for posting those videos. I watched all three today on the 40". That camp site on the cliffs edge at the end of number 2 was amazing!

I do wonder why they let the Nissan haul that trailer. I mean a 4-cyl TD versus a V8 TD.

That engine is a beast and a half! Makes me want to buy a lottery ticket and if I win I'm paying whatever to get one here to the US...Lol...


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New video, and I see a few FJ Cruisers, 60 and 70 series Land Cruisers, and a lot of nice rigs.
I think it would be awesome to be part of that event.

Biggest Off-road Convoy, Lancelin



B.S. Goodwrench
Sweet, I'll check it out thanks man.

It's funny they can get the FJ platform but we have trouble in the US with getting the 70 series and that Turbo Diesel. :drool: