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I just finished watching his 9 part video on his epic Kimberley Trip. I'm so ready to go on a trip somewhere. And I just got back from a Baja Mexico trip few days ago.


4 Wheeling Wet and Wild Weekend, part 2/3

I really enjoyed this series; some awesome 4x4ing and cool rigs, as usual. That GQ Ute is what dreams are made of. I hadn't realized just how heavy those 79s are, even without all that crap in the back. The V8 Diesel sounds so bloody sweet! I also learned something new about waiting for the diffs to cool before attempting a water crossing. Makes total sense. And, of course, with any of Ronny Dahl's videos seeing all of the gear being used is equally educational.


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The diesel V8s do have a very cool sound to them.
This next video he is doing some major wiring upgrading.

Landcruiser High Tech Electrical Upgrades. PDM



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4 Wheeling & Camping Family Edition part 1/2

About time, have been waiting to see a regular camping vid with Ronny and the family.
It also seems all the past videos I have posted here no longer work with the forum upgrade.



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Toyo MT Open Country Unbiased review

Same tires I have been running since June of 2016.
Best tires I have ever owned, and they are still on the same balance from when I bought them, and they ride as smooth as glass.
They have gotten a little noisier like Ronny mentions as they start to wear a bit, but still way quieter than the ******** Cepek Mountaincat I ran for several years.


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