Ronny Dahl's Trips


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So Corey, how much of a kick back is Ronny throwing your way for pimping all his videos?

Just messin w/ya, LOL

Its been well over 100* every day this week when I get home from work. I've been watching his vids every night.

Wouldn't have given them a second glance w/o your "pimping".... Great stuff!

He he , we have a fairly hot weekend, it should be in the mid 90s today.
I am waiting to watch part 3 here though on the TV later this morning.
I like watching all of his vids on the TV rather than on a PC.

I think Corey is one of the reasons Ronny's YT subscribers topped 100k and helped him decide to quit his day job. It's all good.
I hope he makes it well quitting his day job, but it does give him more time to focus on what he really enjoys.

Off-Road Coastal Expedition, part 3/4

It looks like Ronny's going to pull an all nighter on the beach......don't touch that dial,stay tuned until next week for the exciting conclusion.
This thread is pretty much landcruiser porn....videos of all these heavily-modified Toyota 4x4's that I want so bad but, realistically, I know I'll never have.