RTT power 12v/USB etc. what have you done?

Here is what I've done in my RTT on my turtleback. Enjoyed the project, anyone else done anything similar??

My roof rack on my Turtleback lifts 18", this shows the rack in the up position.

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a 3/4" bulkhead fitting with a 3/4" cable gland keep the tent floor water tight.

I can't run a sowing machine, so I flipped the cover inside out and sowed it by hand.

Folds up inside the tent nicely

Switch turns on and off the USBs

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I already had a terminal block in the back for fridge, so I just ran switched power up to the tent from that. Switch inside jeep has to be on to make the tent "hot" then led strips will work from their rotary lamp switches. Didn't bother with USB for anything. my kids can plug in their tablets and crap inside the jeep.